Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rainbow Cake, Red Velvet Cake and Mille Crepe from Le Sweets

Rainbow Cake 30,000

Le Sweets is my friend's online cake. The owner is food blogger too, her name is Lauren. I am eye drooling when I check the le sweets and can't wait to order the rainbow cake and red velvet cake. So two weeks ago I ordered rainbow cake and red velvet cake. 2 famous cake in Jakarta. If you are following my blog, you might me know about my review about the best rainbow cake in Jakarta. Le sweets is one of the best rainbow cake in Jakarta. 

For the rainbow cake. It is so moist, yummy also affordable, that's why I love le sweets rainbow cake. Also Le Sweets has 2 kinds of rainbow cake, one with food colouring rainbow cake, and the last one use the natural food colouring.

Red Velvet Cake Rp.30,000,-

Then for red velvet cake. It is consist of 4 layer cake, topping with caramelised nut and frosting with cream cheese. It is so yummy also affordable. This red velvet colour with mixing between juice bit and little bit food colouring. 

Natural Rainbow Cake Rp.35,000,-

This natural rainbow cake. It is consist 6 layer of cake. The first layer coloured by carrot, the second with egg, the third with spinach and the fourth beetroot, next taro and the last is black sesame. 

For me, I prefer the rainbow cake, coz in this natural rainbow cake smell of vegetable so it is lost my appetite.

Mille Crepe Oreo Rp.27,500,-

Then this is the mille crepe. I really like it it is moist and yummy. But for me the size is smaller than my expectation. 

 Mille Crepe Black n White Rp.27,500,-

Then the last is mille crepe black n white. It is same like above, for me the size little bit matter. 

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Le Sweets

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