Sunday, 6 May 2012

Misu : It's TiraMISU in a cup

Original Misu Rp.13,500,-
 Matcha Misu Rp.14,000,-
This is Misu an online Tiramissu shop. Last month I came in seminar and found there is stand Misu in there. Coz I am curious and interesting what is Misu. then I buy 2 Misu. Misu is Tiramisu cup which is regularly selling online. I like Misu from their packaging, they are so bright with yellow colour in cup also brochure. Also the misu taste is make you addicted. 

They have 2 kinds of Misu. First is Original Misu which is so great too. Or if you are tiramisu lover, you have to try them and The second is Matcha Misu. I like Matcha Misu than original misu. They are unique taste coz you could taste green tea in tiramisu. It is new thing for me. 

Also if you are coming to Holycow Steak Hotel you could taste misu Tiramisu there free.  So what are you waiting for to taste Misu

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