Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Cafe La Oma Lembang

In my trip to Bandung, I stay in La Oma Hotel, so in my leisure time and laziness to find food outside hotel, so I try the La Oma Cafe. La Oma has a great view and many field to play or only to enjoy the great view of Lembang. La Oma Cafe served traditional food, western also asian food. In my first impression it looks like they don't focus why food they want to served, but after I tried their food, I know how great they served the food.

In Cafe La Oma is separated in two area. One is outside with many gazebo, also inside they have formal chair. So if you want to enjoy your leyeh-leyeh time, you could picked in outside, but if you eat formal you could eat inside the cafe. Beside that many review I read said Cafe La Oma is the best cafe in Lembang, and I think they are right.

Zuppa Soup Rp.28,000,-

Kakap Currasco Rp.65,000,-

Nasi Timbel Rp.38,000,-

Since they served many food, so I try them. For the appetizer I ordered their zuppa soup, then for main course I tried their kakap curasco, then my mom ordered nasi timbel. For beverages we try many of them, first we try their la oma fruit tea, then my aunt order hot tea and I orderd tiramisu kahlua. 

For zuppa soup it looks like convince from their look, but it is not with the taste. The zuppa soup is taste like knoor sachet soup which is you could buy in supermarket. Then the kakap curasco I think I am really love it. Kakap curasco is made from fried snapper that they stacking with 2 pieces and in the middle they put cheese and olive. It is so delicious. Also the salad is so fresh and the mashed potato, I like their texture and the taste is nice. For my mom nasi timbel, I think it is not special at all, but it is great if you miss nasi timbel so badly.

La Oma Ice Fruit Tea Rp.36,000,-

Hot Tea Rp.10,000,-

Tiramissu Kahlua Rp.55,000,-

Then the beverage, la oma fruit tea is looks like nannys or pancios beverage, you could find it easily in Jakarta. It doesn't have much different, the the hot tea is so bold like tea for teh poci. Then my tiramisu kahlua, it reminds me of bayles milkshake in goods cafe, but the tiramisu kahlua, put the kahlua on the bottom so when you drink it you will slowly taste the kahlua until finally you feel the pure kahlua. I like it so much, you have to try this.

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Cafe La Oma
Jl. Cijeruk No. 62
Tel: (022) - 2789 200

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