Friday, 11 May 2012

Ninotchka Coffee Parlour & Diner

Finally I had a chance to coming to Ninotchka Cafe. Long time in my food resolution, Ninotchka is standing there and I am not cross that name. But finally last week, me and Vina coming to Ninotchka. Ninotchka owner is fashion blogger Sonia Erica who is really famous in fashion industry. Then arround last year she spread their pasion to food industry. So here it is Ninotchka.

If you are living in Citra, Taman Palem, Taman Surya area, you will know the Ninotchka. It is famous around blogger (Fashion blogger) also famous around senior high school student and people who live in west Jakarta area. But since my home is not close in Citra, Taman Palem and Taman Surya area, so for me to reach them needs more effort. 

To reach Ninotchka if you are not familiar with this area. It is not so hard to get there. You just need find the Taman Palam signage. It is big signage so you will easy to find it. Then you just need to go straight, until you find the Citra 6 signage then you still need to go straight, until you find Rasane seafood resto in you left side then you need to turn arround and Ninotchka is in right side of Sekolah Citra Kasih. 

For this visit, I came not long after they opened. So everything still complete. In this visit, I ordered green tea frappe and Vina ordered mocha frappe. In my opinion, the green tea frappe is not really not. I mean they should put more green tea powder in the frappe. Coz I tasted the milk is dominant more than the green tea. Also Vina's drink she said it was great beside the whipped cream is too heavy to her.

Mocha Frappe Rp.15,000,-
Green Tea Frappe Rp.15,000,-
Then for food. I ordered Lasagna and Vina ordered spaghetti bolognese. Vina's first pick was fettucine carbonara but it was not ready, so Vina changed her ordered. For me, the lasagna is great. I like the pasta it is so great and the texture is so juicy inside. For the meat I like it too, the spice is strong enough for my tounge. Then in my sight, Vina's bolognese is same like my lasagna meat. But she likes her spaghetti bolognese too. 

Lasagna Rp.20,000,-
Spaghetti Bolognese Rp.17,000,-
Then for dessert, I ordered Ninotchka favourite dessert chocolate lava cake. When the chocolate lava cake, I am little bit surprised coz the portion so small. It is far from picture I rarely look. Then I cut in the middle of cake to check out the melted chocolate, but until my last bite, there was no chocolate melted inside. Coz so far chocolate lava cake that I know have melted chocolate inside. But in this chocolate lava cake I didn't find it. Maybe it is because before they served to us, they warmed the cake and the chocolate seep inside the cake. Beside that I love the chocolate lava cake. 

Chocolate Lava Cake Rp.15,000,-
Before I went home, I take away rainbow cake. Luckily I got the rainbow cake, coz their rainbow cake usually sold out. Then about the macaroon, I was not had a chance to tried them, coz the boy in Cafe said Ninotchka will be move to front shop. For me I would like to coming back after they move to front shop to taste the macaroon, also check out their new shop

Rainbow Cake Rp.20,000,-

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Ninotchka Coffee Parlour & Diner
Circle West
Citra Garden 6 C28
Open : 14.00pm - 22.00pm and 14.00pm - 23.00 every Friday and Saturday
Closed : every Tuesday
Tel : 0816-1105-316


  1. Haven't got a chance to go there. But really looking forward to :) Surprisingly, the foods' prize are friendly cheap and reasonable!! Do they taste yumm? :3
    Anyway, thanks for the review. Come visit my blog.

    -DEY (

    1. Yeah, you have to come there, they have new menu also I really in love with their macaroon. Its cheap but super duper yummy



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