Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ramen 38 Px Puri Indah

Ramen 38 is common ramen place in Jakarta. They served many kinds of soup of ramen, but they only have 1 style of noodle. Ramen 38 served many kinds of meat like chicken but they also served pork. Also they served 2 size of ramen, small and regular, so if you don't want to eat too much you could order their small size ramen. 

For this visit, I ordered small size of ramen, coz I don't want to full. I ordered tonkotsu chasu ramen. It consist chasiu pork and vegetable. For the soup, they used pork stock, it is so bold and smell good. Also for accompany my ramen, I ordered fried gyoza. For gyoza you could choose chicken or pork.

Small Tonkotsu Chasu Men Rp.40,000,-

For the tonsutsu chasu men, it is my favorite ramen in Ramen 38. It is rich and bold soup also the noodle is so chewy. Then I am not add any chili for my ramen, coz I don't like spicy, but if you like spicy maybe you could ordered their spicy ramen also you could pick what spicy level you able to eat.

Gyoza Rp.28,000,-

For the gyoza, I wish they served their pork gyoza but unfortunately when I visited there, the pork gyoza was not ready, so the waitress ask me to ordered the chicken gyoza. She said it was same, the different only chicken and pork.

 Cold Ocha Rp.17,000,-

Then for beverage, I order cold ocha, it is like general ocha in many Japanese resto.

As a compliment, ramen 38 gave me jelly as a dessert. It is great jelly even as a compliment. 

Then for additional ramen 38 will charge 5% service and 10% tax.

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Ramen 38 Sanpachi
Px Pavilion Second Floor @ The St. Moritz #10-02
Puri Indah Boulevard Blok U1
CBD West Jakarta 11610
Tel : (0210 -5835 7520


  1. katanya si sanpachi ini di tiap2 outlet beda rasanya ya nez.. terus katanya yang di PX ini ga enak..

    1. Ya biasa aja sih menurut gw nothing special. Kan emg ramen 38 rasanya so-so. Gw lebih suka marutama ramen heheh



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