Saturday, 26 May 2012

Onigiri by Bad Hari Onigiri

Onigiri from Bed Hair Guy I received from Sedapur. They celebrate their first aniversary, so they send some people who have blog to taste some of their yummy food which is sell in their official website. So I am lucky person who received tasting box. Beside onigiri from Bed Hair Guy, I also received, Pisang Ijo Genit, and Pempek Emak.

For Bed Hair Onigiri, It is so cute packaging I received from Sedapur, I really love their cute onigiri too. Then They sent me 2 onigiri. One is mixing between crunchy fish and the other is spicy tuna.

 Crispy Fish Rp.9,000,-

For the crunchy fish it is combination between salted fish and  seaweed. It is great. I think I love the onigiri.

Spicy Tuna Rp.9,000,-

Also the spicy tuna, even it was said spicy but it is not very spicy. It is welcome with my tongue, and I like their spicy tuna. 

If you are interested you could order in Sedapur or you could also order in @BedHairGuyO or in

Also BedHairGuy has promotion they called 4S Special SalMon Sexy SaTurdaY! Buy Our Special Pack ( Consist of 4 pcs) 2 Salmon + 2 Flavor of Your Selection. Regular Price : Rp. 41.000 This Saturday Price : Rp. 30.000 and limited to our 1st 50 boxes

So what are you waiting for. Let's order

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