Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bakmi Agoan

Bakmi Agoan is famous noodle in Jakarta Barat area. Since my home in Jakarta Barat so, this is my favourite noodle place. Agoan is place for eating breakfast but don't worry if you are come in lunch, or dinner they have many kind of food to eat in lunch or dinner. Basicly they are served noodle, but they also served many kind of chinesse food. 

I come in the first outlet of Bakmi Agoan in their home. But nowadays they have many outlet in Pasar Puri Indah, Kota, etc. So if you are big fans of them you could find the nearest outlet from your home. 

The ambient in Bakmi Agoan is better than before they renovated. They have comfy place to eat, and you won't eat Bakmi Agoan sweat, coz they have air cond. Also the waiter is so kind and served you well. Also when I visited there, many people eat here. But don't worry they have many seat.


Bakso Goreng Rp.4,000,-
Mie Alot Polos
Half Portion Mie Keriting Rp.19,000,-
They have speciality food in noodle. They have 2 kinds of noodles. First mie keriting and the second is mie alot. The different from 2 kinds of noodles is the thickness and their style of serving. For mie keriting you will served with chicken and pork but if you don't eat pork you could request it. Then mie alot, they served with boiled chicken on top. So it is up to you which noodle will become you favorite.

For this visit, I ordered my favorite style of noodle mie keriting then my sister ordered mie alot. Also for the side dish, they have bakso goreng also otak-otak. I like both of them, but I do prefer bakso goreng. Bakso goreng in Bakmi Agoan is not same like the others. They put some meat on it, so you won't eat much of fat. 

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Bakmi Agoan Puri Indah
Jl. Raya Puri Indah Komplek Puri Indah Bl A/16 Kembangan Barat
Tel : (021) -  5802859

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