Wednesday, 25 July 2012

IKEA Singapore

Who doesn't know IKEA. IKEA is famous with their unique product such a living room furniture, kitchen stuff, also bedroom. So for my Singapore trip last month, I visited IKEA to check out their unique furniture, then after that I ate in their IKEA Food. Since I am curious with their meat balls, so I tried them.

In Singapore, there are two IKEA store, one in the Alexandra and one in the Tampines. So this visit, I visited their store in Alexandra. To reach them I take MRT and bus. If you are confused how to get there, you could check out here

Since this is my first time ate in IKEA, I am little bit confused what should I do. Coz it is self service, you the first time that you have to do is take the trolley and tray. They you could take your spoon, fork, knife. Then if you want to drink water, you have to take the glass. After that you could start take your food, start from appetiser like cold prawn water, then dessert, etc. After you take your food and drink, you have to pay in the cashier. Then after pay your food and drink, you could take tomato sauce and chili sauce.

For the food that we take in this visit, my sister took mushroom soup, and I took chicken wing, then for my nephew he took pasta meatball combo. For sharing me, my sister, and my parents we took baked salmon with chives and swedish meatballs. For dessert we took cream cake of marzipan, chocolate mouse, and almond cake.  

Mushroom Soup $SGD 3,00

For the mushroom soup, it looks creamy and yummy but in my opinion the mushroom soup is less spice. Maybe it because we usually put more salty but Singaporean they eat healthy food, so it means less spice. 

Chicken Wing

Then the chicken wings, it is not special, the spice isn't tasty. The crunchiness level is so-so for me the chicken wings is not special.

Swedish Meatballs $SGD 5,40

For the swedish meatballs. I really like it so much, the meatballs is yummy and chewy, also the mashed potato is great and topping with swedish sauce and cranberry sauce. So the taste is combination between salty and sweet. You have to try this if you visited IKEA. Its a must

Pasta Meatballs Combo $SGD 9,90

It is pasta meatball combo. It is combination between meatballs and penne pasta, topped with tomato sauce and carrot. It is yummy coz the meatball is great but in my opinion the pasta is too much, so it looks like my nephew ate too many carbo. Since the pasta meatballs is combo, so if you ordered pasta meatballs, you could get esprit raspberry for your drink. 

Baked Salmon with Chives $SGD 7,90

For the baked salmon with chives. It is great too. The baked salmon is baked nicely and it is accompany with potato and vegetable. For the sauce, they topped with cream sauce, the sauce is great. I love this food too, if you are bored with swedish meatballs, maybe you could try this. 

Cream Cake with Marzipan $SGD 3,00

For the cream cake with marzipan. It is so yummy. Since I am a big fans of marzipan so I really love this cake so much. The combination of cream, cake and the marzipan is great, also they put strawberry jam on it. It is great. You should try it.  

Almond Cake $SGD 3,00

The almond cake is my mom's favorite. Since my mom is big fans of almond, she really love this cake, it consists two layers of thin cake and top with almond chunk. 

Chocolate Mouse $SGD 1,50

The chocolate mouse it looks like chocolate ice cream but it is chocolate mouse. In my opinion it is yummy, but if you eat this chocolate mouse to much you will nausea.

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IKEA Alexandra
317 Alexandra Road, 
Singapore 159965


  1. aaa i wanna try those foods! looks yummyy

    1. Yes you should. All of them is delicious :)

  2. Oomph!!! Me want them'all!!!! Inez, you're so making me repeat my visit in Singapore next month >,<" Hehehe...but the marzipan cake with jelly-looking filling looks soooo tempting. =)

    1. Haha don't you visit IKEA in Malay too El? I read in you blog loh hehe. Yes the marzipan cake is good! You have try them :)



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