Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Umi Sushi in 313 Orchard Road Singapore

In my last day in Singapore, I went to sushi outlet in 313 Orchard Road. Umi Sushi is sushi outlet in Singapore, they have many outlet also they served delivery sushi. They served many kind of sushi. But since me and my family still full, so we only have snack in Umi Sushi.

In this visited, we ordered chawan mushi and salmon skin fried. It is our all time favorite as snack. For the chawan mushi is my sister favorite. Its made from egg which is steam and they put crab stick or we usually called kani. The chawan mushi texture is so soft and light but also so yummy. They put the spice really great. I think I love this chawan mushi too. 

Chawan Mushi $SGD 1,80

Salmon Skin Fried $SGD 1,50

For the salmon skin, it looks like the others sushi kiosk salmon skin, but they don't put the fish on salmon skin, so it is only skin. It is crunchy and its fresh skin fried. Also it looks like they put the secret spice before they fried it, because the skin fried is full of spice. I love this salmon skin so are my family. For the price salmon skin fried is cheap right. Since in Jakarta it price arround Rp. 27,000 - Rp.35,000. 

For the next visit, I might be check them in late evening, coz in the latest time before they closed they usually discount some of their sushi, and it is so worth it. Maybe next time I have to buy them in discount time. 

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Umi Sushi 
For the complete outlet, you could check here

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