Thursday, 2 August 2012

Serba Food

Serba Food is one of chinesse food in Central Park. In UPH community, this place is quite famous, since they have an affordable food but also yummy. Its become favorite place for UPH student. Since I was not UPH student, I am not familiar with Serba Food. So I decided to taste Serba Food after I window shopping in Central Park after had interview. 

Serba Food is served chinesse food, also they served dim sum. Their motto is to served a healthy food, so their food isn't consist of MSG. Beside in Central Park, they also available in Benton Junction and Food Paragon Gadjah Mada. 

Since I visited by my self so I ordered their menu package. They have many kinds of package menu, and I choose serba food 1 its combination between vegetable, sweet and sour chicken with rice. Since I have the set menu, they gave me soft drink and dessert which is jello. 

Serba 1
Rice + Vegetable + Sweet and Sour Chicken + Sipp Tea + Dessert : Jello

In my opinion the sweet and sour chicken is yummy. Even its affordable food, also its free MSG, and the vegetable is fresh. I like my food so much. For the soft drink, its quite unfamiliar for me, but its great. The tea is strong and the sweet level is great. For the dessert, I've got jello, I'm not sure what jello flavor they gave, but its great. The jello texture is great, and the sweet level is great. I love it my food.

Beside I ordered set menu package, I ordered dim sum. Since they have many kinds of dim sum and all food in menu is tempting, so I decided ordered chicken feet. Chicken feet is my favorite dim sum in every chinesse food served dim sum. 

Chicken Feet Rp.16.017,-

In my opinion the chicken feet is great, the texture is great, the skin is soft and easy to eat. Also they cooked well, so the sauce is soaked into the chicken feet. The sauce is great. Its combination between oyster sauce, tauco, and etc ingredients. I love their food.

For all, I just love Serba Food, beside food is affordable for student, they are free MSG, so you don't have to worry you'll eat MSG. Then, the service is great, the waiter is serve me well and its quite responsive. Next time, I have to asked my family to eat here, coz I think I have many food to eat. 

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Serba Food
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta 11470
Tel: 021-29200187


  1. I haven't got the chance to try Serba Food! With your positive review, I guess I will check it out soon. :) Anyway, nice blog!

    Best Regard,

    1. Yes, you have to go there. Its inexpensive and its yummy

    2. Yeah, the inexpensive price is one of the reason I want to try it! :D Price is often one of the factor too! haha



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