Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Otel Lobby

Otel Lobby is one of hype resto in Jakarta. In fasting month, they held some quiz to win the beef wellington which is signature dish of Otel Lobby. The quiz was held from 1-15 August, in twitter with hashtag #tweettowinbeefwellington. Luckily me, I won the beef wellington quiz, so the next day in the lunch time I visited them. 

Since the named is Otel Lobby, so the decoration hotel lobby looks like, there are baggage, lobby and of course the receptionist. When I visited them, it welcomed with the receptionist, and I said I won the #tweettowinbeefwellington, so she asked me where I wanted to seat. They have 2 area, smoking and non smoking. I picked to seated near the window. When I visited, there were less visitor. Maybe it was fasting month so less people came in resto. 

Then I ordered the beef wellington and they asked what cooked level I want, medium rare or well done. I choose the medium rare. For the drink, I ordered strawberry tea and I choose toblerone puff for the dessert. Not longer after I ordered the drink, my strawberry tea is coming. The first time I slurp, there are no sweet on strawberry tea at all, so I asked the waitress the syrup. Then she gave me small pitcher of syrup. So, it tasted better.  

Strawberry Tea Rp.25,000,-

I waited quite long to have beef wellington in my table. I think is more than 15 minutes maybe and I got bored. I thought they already served it for me, coz I asked when I want to have the beef wellington. Then when finally my beef wellington. It is pretty presentation. They also gave me the side dish. Since I ordered the beef wellington in medium rare, so it looks the beef wellington still have the fresh blood. Even it look like raw meet, but I ate it. In my opinion the brown sauce is yummy, also the puff is crunchy outside and I like it. For the mashed potato, it is great too. 

Beef Wellington Rp.145,000,-

My toblerone puff looks nice. They served the puff with toblerone ice cream and chocolate sauce for dipping. In my opinion the puff crust is great, also the ice cream is nice. I could taste the toblerone caramel on it, and it is more yummy when you dipping the puff and the ice cream with the chocolate sauce, even when you eat the chocolate too much, you will feel too sweet. 

Toblerone Puff Rp.35,000,-

For all, my opinion, the Otel Lobby is great, they have not only western food also asian, so it might be option resto when you are surrounding Kuningan. For the service, it was great except the waiting time to served the beef wellington, I bored when I waited my beef wellington, maybe Otel Lobby should prepare before the customer come. 

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Otel Lobby
Jl. Epicentrum Tengah
Annex Building of Bakrie Tower
Tel : 021-299 41324/6

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