Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pepper Lunch Express

Pepper lunch is one my sister food. So when disdus had Pepper Lunch promotion, without double thought, I invited my sister to go to Pepper Lunch. In disdus there are two promotion. One in the Pepper Lunch Express, and the others in Pepper Lunch resto. Since in Puri Indah Mall, there is only Pepper Lunch Express, so I bought the voucher, to ate with my sister. 

Me and my sister is familiar with pepper lunch. In Puri Indah Mall, since they are Pepper Lunch Express, so first time, we have to queue in their stall. For this voucher we've got 2 pepper rice + 2 miso + 2 soft drinks. So my sister ordered salmon pepper lunch without pepper and corn. For me, I ordered curry beef rice. I never heard my food before this, so maybe this is new menu of Pepper Lunch (but I'm not sure of it). After I ordered, I have to wait then they will prepare our fried rice, miso and drink. For the drink, we could choose the available soft drink they have, so me and sister picked ice lemon tea. Then after they served the food, we've got their special sauce, one is sweet and the others is salty. 

For the salmon pepper rice, It doesn't need any doubt, it is delicious like usual, my sister love it. She should mix it with their special sauce until the salmon and the rice is done. For the rice its yummy like usual, and the salmon she loves it. The combination is really great. 

For the curry beef pepper lunch. It is my first time ordered their curry food. My curry beef lunch is toped with curry and cheese, so it is unique combination. Also I have to put their salty and sweet sauce in my rice, and mix until the beef and rice well done. First I taste them after mix, I felt like its weird but after second spoon, third and etc. I like my food. The curry is really make the rice rich and it is so match with the beef. For the cheese, even its look like weird but it is great combination, coz cheese give you salty taste. 

For accompany my pepper lunch, I had miso soup and lemon tea. Their miso soup is so-so, I think it needs more salty and the miso paste, I think is less, so it needs improvement. For the lemon tea, it is ice lemon tea from nestle, so it taste great like usual. 

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Pepper Lunch Puri Indah Mall 
Puri Indah Mall #L2 Food Court 220
Tel : 021-582 2635

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