Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mountain of Food Explorace 2 : Day Two Challenge and Closing

We started our day with breakfast in World Club Lounge. If you stay in First World Hotel, you will have your breakfast in First World Cafe, but since we are guest from Mountain of Food Explorace, so we have special privilege to have breakfast here. The ambient is better than the First World Cafe, the scene also nice, here I share the scenery from World Club Lounge. I had breakfast with Anak Jajan and Yummy for Dummy. The Gastronomy Aficionado and his wife go after us.

In my breakfast, I had salad with cheese and the thousand island, lo ma kai, ba pau, samosa, orange and tea tarik. For the salad, it is fresh also they have many choices for dressing, then the lo ma kai. I really love the lo ma kai. Its juicy, yummy, the chicken is great, even little bit oily, but I love it. I take two lo ma kai for breakfast. Then the samosa, its not crunchy also the filling its little bit spices. For the orange is fresh and the tea tarik the sweet level is great, the tea flavor is strong. 

Then after having breakfast, we continue our challenge with met up in First World Hotel, and we will move to Awana Resort. Before we checked in, we already had the challenge. Our sixteenth challenge is Hiking. Its 1,8km to walk. Its kinda horrible, since so many leech inside the forest. After hiking, the seventeenth challenge is had our lunch in Rajawali Rajawali Coffee House.

This photo I take from 

Rajawali Coffee House is all day buffet in Awana Resort. They have many variant menu from middle east, western, asian, soup, salad, dessert. 

What I ate in Rajawali Coffee House. There are salad with rice, vegetable and clam. Then I took soup, the soup is yummy, the soup is surprisingly great. I like the chicken soup, also the vegetable, you could take as you want and you cook by yourself and put in the bowl. Then there are roti cannai, vegetable and tofu. The tofu is great, the tofu is soft and topped with mixing salted fish, dried fish, chili and any other ingredients. That is my favorite. Also for dessert I've got the unique dessert, that looks like bread pudding combine with blueberry jam and almond, I love it too. The last is mango pudding. 

Rajawali Coffee House Price
Buffet Breakfast (7.00am - 10.00am)
Adult : RM 35,95
Child : RM 20,85
Buffet Lunch (12.00noon - 2.30pm)
Adult : RM 44,05
Child : RM 24,35
Buffet Dinner (6.00pm - 9.30pm)
Adult : RM 48,70
Child : RM 26,65

After had lunch, we had eighteenth challenge, Oprah, JQ, and May served many food in the table and we have to take as fast as we can and ate also guest what is the food name. After finish the challenge, we could check in in the hotel. Luckily me, and my Indonesian friends, we've got premium suite in Awana Resort, how great it is. The premium suit has 3 bedroom, living room, and 4 bathroom. How great it is. This is my room in premium suite in Awana Resort.

Then we've got the nineteenth challenge is to upload photo in twitter, facebook, and instagram. I should be quick because we had to go to our last challenge also closing and dinner in Pasar Ikan Bakar. 

Our last challenge was had dinner in Pasar Ikan Bakar. When we were hiking, we met Pasar Ikan Bakar, the guide also told us that tonight we would had dinner here. When we were going to Pasar Ikan Bakar, it was raining, so we took a car to go there. 

This photo I take from 

Our closing ceremony was opened with JQ and partner, then the senior PR of Resort World gave speech and told us about this event. Then after that, we had dinner. It was bbq dinner in Pasar Ikan Bakar. They served many kind of BBQ, such as stingray, lamb, squid, crab, chicken, etc. They also had many topping to accompany your BBQ. For dessert they had rojak, kueh, and teh tarik also coffee tarik. The incredible things happen in this place, there is no flies here. In Indonesia, when we have BBQ there are many flies, fly surrounding us. So I am kinda surprise with this.  

I take this photo from 

After finish dinner, then JQ and partner annouce the winner of Mountain of Food Explorace 2. The winner runner up are Sara and Jae Park and the first winner are Julia and Kevin Goh. Congratulation. 

Then after the closed ceremony finished, we back to our lovely premium suite room and sleep. 

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  1. hai inez ^^ salam kenal
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    if u don't mind, let's exchange link ^^
    thank you ^^

    1. Ayo exchange link, nantiku masukkan ya. Btw thank you for visiting me :)

  2. wow what an exciting experience you got, congrats inez!
    wish i could join the challenge :P

    1. Ya maybe next time, they would make the same thing like this, you could join the Mountain of Food Explorace 3



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