Saturday, 25 August 2012

QQ Kopitiam

QQ Kopitiam is one of famous kopitiam in kopitiam industry. They have many outlet in Jakarta. One of them is in Plaza Indonesia. QQ Kopitiam in Plaza Indonesia, so crowded even it is not meal time, they always busy and many seat are full with the visitors. After checked out the crowd, so I can assume them they served great food and drink. Since I never tried QQ Kopitiam before, so after go around in Plaza Indonesia, Anitya and Me also Vina decided to tried the crowded kopitiam in Plaza Indonesia. So, check it out!

As I know, QQ Kopitiam just moved to the new side of Plaza Indonesia. They located in the same floor, but different side. The last side of QQ Kopitiam is so narrow, so they moved to the new one. QQ Kopitiam has two area, smoking and non smoking. I am not smoker, so I picked the non smoking area.

QQ Kopitiam Menu
QQ Kopitiam served many kinds of food, snack also the beverage. I came in the dinner time, so I need something not too heavy buy not too light. When I visited QQ Kopitiam I am in the mood of fried kwetiauw, so I ordered seafood fried kwetiauw and Anitya ordered fried rice. So here's our food. 

Nasi Goreng Seafood Rp.28,000,-
Anitya's food is nasi goreng seafood. The presentation looks tempting. The spice is light. Maybe they cheap give the spice for the fried rice. Even, they put some seafood likes shrimp, squid and little bit of fish, but In my opinion this nasi goreng is looks like nasi goreng tektek has. Not special at all. 

Kwetiauw Goreng Sapi Rp.28,000,-
Kwetiauw goreng sapi is singapore style. They used wide kwetiauw, like in Singapore, and they fried with soy sauce, vegetable, egg, and some seafood. In my opinion my fried kwetiauw is not too special, the spice is not too special. It looks like hawker food called nasi goreng tektek, coz I don't taste any special in the kwetiauw. 

In my opinon QQ Kopitiam is not special. Since my kwetiauw goreng sapi is not impressive also Anitya's nasi goreng seafood, it taste so-so. But many people said their kwetiauw kangkung terasi is great. So I think, they deserve second chance, so next time I have to try their kwetiauw kangkung. The service is great they really responsive and it didn't take long time to served my food. The price is affordable for Plaza Indonesia market. 

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QQ Kopitiam
Plaza Indonesia Extension 4th Floor
Tel : 021-2992 3699

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