Monday, 6 August 2012

Mountain of Food Explorance : Quick Snap

Mountain of Food Explorace is annual event who held by Resort World Genting. In this year, Mountain of Food Explorace 2 held from July 17-20, 2012. It is one of Mountain of Food event. Mountain of Food Explorace 2 also invited not only Malaysian, but also Indonesian, and China. Last year it is only 14 participant, but since the demand of Mountain of Food Explorace increase, so Mountain of Food Explorace added more participant for this year. 

From indonesian representative there are me, Anak JajanYummy fo Dummy and The Gastronomy Aficionado . So we are really excited of this event. Coz we are a food blogger then we are going to go ASEAN. Super excited. 

In July 17, 2012
We were went from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur by Air Asia. Then after we touch down Kuala Lumpur then we were picked up with Hannah to go to Genting. We went to Genting by van. It took 3 hours to go to Genting from LCCT. It is long trip for us. After took 3 hours road trip, then we arrive in Genting. Our accommodation from July 17-19 2012 in First World Hotel. So we met up with Miss Mey Ching Lee, the PIC in Mountain of Food Explorace 2. Then she checked in us to First World Hotel.
Mostly, our first day in Genting, we had more free time to go arround the First World Plaza. In our first day, we also watched Freeze, it is IT performance in Genting, so we are really happy could watched them.

In July 18, 2012
The Mountain of Food Explorace is started. It started in 10 am til 8 pm. It is such a tiring day, but we are super happy could compete one to each other.

In July 19, 2012
For our day two competition, we were checked out from First World Hotel and moved to Awana Resort Hotel. It is such a great room. Since Anak Jajan, Yummy fo Dummy and The Gastronomy Aficionado also his wife got premium president suite. We are so love this room. Then we were hiking and go around the small forest in surround Awana, and Close the ceremony Mountain of Food Explorace 2.

In July 20, 2012
It is our last day in Genting. We checked out from Awana at 11 am, so we had to packing quick and went to LCCT.

For the complete Mountain of Food Explorace 2. Check out my post tomorrow.

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