Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pesca : Homemade Italian Ice Cream in West Jakarta

Pesca is ice cream cakes store in west Jakarta. Pesca offering ice cream since 10 years ago. Even they held since 10 years ago, but I had chance couple weeks ago visited them. They have many ice cream variant such ice cream cake, mochi ice cream, macaroon ice cream, ice cream cup, individual wrap, brownies ice cream and any yummy ice cream. When I enter their store, I welcome with many ice cream, it likes ice cream heaven. For ice cream lover, you will curious what will you buy, coz everything looks tempting, and you will want everysingle ice cream they have,

In this visit I tried some of petite ice cream. I heard their macaron ice cream is great also their mochi ice cream, so here we are. I tried their individual wrap, brownies ice cream and rum balls. Also I bought their macaron ice cream, cupcake ice cream and mochi ice cream.

Mocha Baileys Rocher Rp.12,500,- 
Chocolate Vanilla Brownies Ice Cream Rp.8,500,-
Individual Wrap Pistachio Chocolate Rp.12,500,-

The rocher, I choose mocha baileys flavour is great, but I don't taste the mocha baileys  is special. The brownies ice cream is yummy. I love it, even every layer of chocolate vanilla brownies ice cream is ice cream, but the bottom layer is the delicious layer that I like. It is so yummy. The individual wrap, I choose pistachio chocolate. It taste good, but I don't think the ice cream is special. 

Macaron Ice Cream Rp.12,500,-
Cupcake Ice Cream Rp.12,500,-
Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream Rp.10,000,-

The macaron ice cream, I choose tiramisu flavour. The coffee flavour in macaron is strong enough but in between the macaron, the ice cream is not to special. It is so light ice cream on it. The cupcake ice cream, I choose mocca flavour. The cupcake ice cream consists of crust and the filling. the crust is so yummy, taste like peanut butter and the cupcake ice cream filling taste great. The mochi ice cream I choose green tea flavour. The mochi skin is quite thick and the filling, once again it is not too special.

For all, if you are big fans of ice cream, like me. It is must-try ice cream place in Jakarta. But for being regular customer here, maybe I am not. For the special event like birthday, maybe Pesca become your choice hamper or petite individual ice cream for giving someone special. Also the form of ice cream is unique, maybe you cannot find in any other place. For the price, in my opinion, with the quality and the taste is quite expensive. 

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Jl. Pessangrahan Raya No. 6C
Puri Indah
Jakarta Barat 11520
Tel : 021-580 1455 / 021 580 4604

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