Monday, 13 August 2012

SKYE56 : Dine from Level 56

SKYE56 is hype place in Jakarta. It is located in level 56 in Menara BCA Jakarta. So far as I know, this is the tallest resto in Jakarta beside Cilantro which is located in BNI46 and already closed. SKYE56 open not more than 6 months but they are really crowded. SKYE56 has two area lounge and restaurant. Last time, I went to their lounge and unlucky me I had to wait til 30 minutes than I  decided to go, coz I think until when I have to wait in Lounge. So in my second time go to SKYE56, I booked 1 week before I visit them. 

The ambient in their restaurant is nice, you could see the scenery of traffic jam in Jakarta also the beautiful building in Jakarta. But when I booked, I forgot to mention that I want the table near the window, so I seated near the serving table. The service is nice, they helped me well and give me more description about what I should eat, also they recommend me what the most favourite dish and drink here.


Food variety in SKYE56 is so limited. So in my opinion, they should added food variety, so we have more food choices. For my expectation in SKYE56, I will eat western menu since they high-end restaurant has speciality in western menu, but not SKYE56. They have speciality in asian food, mexican food, and steak. So, I'm kinda surprise. 

I went to SKYE56 with Vina and Anitya, so here's what we ordered. For drink, Vina ordered apple mojito, I ordered purple haze, and Anitya ordered hot tea. Apple Mojito is combination between apple, mint leaves, and ice also their special ingredients. Purple haze is combination between blueberries, lychee, vanilla ice cream and milk. Hot tea is usual hot tea, like in the other place. 

Apple Mojito Rp.45,000,-
Apple mojito is kinda fresh, since we were visited in the afternoon, it would be the best companion. But I don't think it would be my favourite, coz they don't really special. 

Purple Haze Rp.45,000,-
Purple haze is smoothies so it made by blended. The presentation is cute, the straw is matching with the color of purple haze. The combination of the lychee and blueberries are strong, but the lychee is more dominant. The sweet level is great. But when the purple haze almost out the blueberries not blended well, so the blueberries still raw in the bottom. This is my favorite.

Chicken Quesidilla Rp.85,000,-
For appetiser, we decide to order chicken quesidilla. It is mexican food. It made from tortilla, chicken, chili, and topped with yoghurt and some vegetable, also dipped with special sauce. Chicken quesidilla is great. I love the chicken inside the quesidilla, it is yummy even little bit spicy. The dipping sauce is not spicy at all, but it brings sour taste to chicken quesidilla, so it will be great combination. Loveable.  

Stir Fried Beef Rice Noodle Rp. 95,000,-
Our main course is stir fried beef rice noodle. The rice noodle here means kwetiauw, it is fried kwetiauw with beef. It consists of kwetiauw, beef, small corn, bean and cilantro. The cilantro flavor is strong, so it made Vina doesn't like the kwetiaw. The kwetiauw style is width, look like singapore kwetiauw, and the beef is yummy, the spice is really strong in the beef, also the beef is tender. For the portion in my opinion, it's not for sharing, even the menu said the fried beef rice noodle is for sharing, but I think I could eat by my self.

Salted Caramel Tart Rp.45,000,-
For the dessert, we ordered salted caramel tart. It is so tiny caramel tart also the vanilla ice cream. When the salted caramel tart come to my table, we are shocked. The plated is so big, but the cake is so small. Even the caramel tart looks sad, but not the taste. The caramel tart is made by crust and topped with crunchy caramel tart. The tart is so-so but the topping is great. The vanilla ice cream is so-so, but when you combine with the caramel tart is great. I think they need to up size this tiny cake.

For all my dining experience in SKYE56, it is truly worth it if you want to try the experience dining from level 56, but for sure you have to booked 1 week before you eat there. For the price all the price mention above is not include service 10% and tax 11%.

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Menara BCA, 56th
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: (021) 23586996


  1. wah skye. aku jadi tertarik sama yg blueberry itu, kayaknya enak hehhe

    1. Iya yg blueberry itu enak. Must try :)

  2. wow, i'm looking forward to visit this hype place.
    I think, the kuetiaw is the most expensive i ever know, hehe.

    1. Yes, you have to visit this place if you are curious. Ya the kwetiauw is expensive and the portion is too small



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