Friday, 3 August 2012

Santoukha Ramen : Hokkaido Ramen

Santouka Ramen is one of hype ramen in Jakarta. Santouka Ramen not only famous in Jakarta, but also in Singapore, USA, etc. They are franchise ramen stall, so you could find many outlet in another country like USA, Hongkong, dll. The first stall Santoukha Ramen is from Hokkaido, so it called Hokkaido Ramen. They have many soup choices, there are karai it is spicy soup, shio its salty soup in Santouka, miso its soy bean paste soup, and shoyu its soy sauce soup. For the noodle, they only have regular size of noodle. For the size, they have 3 size of bowl, there are small, medium, and large. 

For drink, I've got the free flow water, so if you ate in Santouka you don't need to ordered the beverage. But its up to you, if you don't want drink the water, you could order the beverage.

Since I ate in Santouka by my self, so I only ordered the ramen. I ordered their chairsiu ramen shio in medium size. The presentation is looks so-so, but after I taste it, it taste really good. The shio soup is really rich, its from the pork broth. Even the soup is really yummy, but after I ate the ramen, I feel nausea, maybe because of the soup is really bold, so its consist of fat. For the charsiuw I've got 4 slice of charsiuw, it is chewy and yummy. I love their charsiuw. For the noodle, they cooked the noodle well, I love it so much. 

Charsiu Shio Ramen Medium Rp.88,000,-

For all, I love santouka, the waiter and waitress really responsive, also the serving time is quick, so I don't have to wait to long time. But since the santaoka ramen is crowd so you better reserved or you don't come in lunch or dinner time

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Santaouka Ramen
Plaza Indonesia #L5-E11
Jl. Mh Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 103550
Tel : 021-29923832



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