Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sweet Tasting from De Jaap

Butter Cookies with Nutela Filling Rp.5,000,-
Tartlet Cream Banana with Chocolate and Nut Rp.10,000,-
Tartelet Cream Cheese with Blueberry Rp.10,000,-
Red Velvet Cupcake Rp.10,000,-

Rumballs Rp.35,000,-/ 100 gr

De Jaap was founded in June 2012 with Lia Rimaldi. She is the woman of De Jaap back drop. De Jaap is based on as Lia's family name, Yap. It is modified to de Jaap. So it is reflect of western influence in baking of De Jaap follow. De Jaap started with four product lines. There are butter cookies, rum balls, cupcakes, and cheesecakes. De Jaap's philosophy is simple. Providing excellent products at a reasonable price. 

So couple weeks ago, mbak Lia sent me some sweet tasting fresh from the oven. There are butter cookies, rum ball, red velvet cupcakes and tartlet. 

The butter cookies idea is unique. As I know, there are no one tried to make butter cookies with filling. De Jaap has many butter cookies flavour with or without filling. Butter cookies without filling, there are basic butter cookies, chocochip butter cookies, raisins butter cookies, almond butter cookies, mix almond and raisins. It sells per 100gr, it is only Rp. 35,000,-. Butter cookies with filling, there are nuttela, and peanut. It sells per piece. So I got the nutella. It is so yummy, the vanilla taste also great. I love it. 

The rum ball, it is my favourite snack made from chocolate. There are many available coating such as cocoa, coconut, and peanut. You could order the rum ball with minimum 100gr. From the sweet tasting, I've got rum balls with chocolate melt coating. It is so great, the peanut is nice also the rum inside is strongly tasted. 

Cupcakes is 'IN' dessert for accompany tea time. De Jaap also have cupcakes, so far they have red velvet cupcakes, chocolate marshmallow, banana and butter vanilla. The minimum order is 6 pieces. From the sweet tasting, I've got red velvet cupcakes. In my opinion the presentation is great, the chocolate flavor is strong also the frosting is made from cream cheese. 

Tartlet is made from butter cookie dough, it is not too crispy but its great combination with the filling. They have three flavours, there are nutella toffee, banana cream cheese with caramel and pecan sauce and blueberry cream cheese. From the sweet tasting, I've got the  banana cream cheese with caramel and pecan sauce and blueberry cream cheese. The banana cream cheese is unique, the banana flavor is strong, also the filling is soft. The blueberry cream cheese is fresh also great. 

If you are interesting to order cupcakes, tartlet, or butter cookies from de Jaap, you have to replace your order 3 days before delivery. Delivery days are limited to Mondays and Thursdays.

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De Jaap


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