Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ninety Nine : Dessert Time

After I ate Mr Curry in Grand Indonesia, Me, Vina, Anitya and Cella have dessert in Ninety Nine. Since my last visit in Ninety Nine, I visited Ninety Nine in Pessangrahan, so this is my first time visiting Ninety Nine in Grand Indonesia. Ninety Nine in Grand Indonesia is located in basement, but it doesn't make Ninety Nine looks messy, but Ninety Nine still charming and great like usual. 

Ninety Nine in Grand Indonesia have slight different with Ninety Nine in Pessangrahan. As you know Ninety Nine in Pessangrahan only served western food but in Ninety Nine in Grand Indonesia they serve asian food and western food. So if you want to mix between western food and asian food, you could go to Ninety Nine Grand Indonesia

Ninety Nine Menu
Since we were ate in Mr Curry, so we went to Ninety Nine to dessert, we start from the beverage. Me and Vina shared the beverage. For beverage we ordered ice yakult milkshake. It is fresh and yummy. Yakult not only fresh but also it is healthy for you digestion and your health. 

Ice Yakult Rp.38,000,-

We only ordered one beverage, but for dessert one person ordered one dessert. Since in Ninety Nine Grand Indonesia have cake display, so Vina, Anitya and Cella decided to check out the cake display and choose the dessert, but I prefer to check out the dessert in menu. I think the dessert in their menu is more interesting.

Actually Ninety Nine have many kind of cake. Like the famous and hype raspberry red velvet cake, rich chocolate cake, etc. But Vina ordered lemon cake with meringue. The meringue is so thick. The cake is light also the sweet level is great. Also the cake accompany with strawberry jam, so it make this cake fresh. 

Lemon Meringue Rp.34,000,-

My dessert is dark chocolate brownies. It is warm brownies stack with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and garnish with white chocolate stick also topped with chocolate sauce. It is so yummy since the chocolate brownies is yummy and the ice cream is cold, so it will be cold and warm. The chocolate brownies is great. The texture and the sweet level is great. 

Dark Chocolate Brownies Rp.28,000,- 

This is chocolate truffle. It is Anitya's dessert. She doesn't like it. Even it is cute but taste not too great, the chocolate texture is little bit raw and the chocolate mouse is less sweet so looks like ate too much dark chocolate. 

Chocolate Truffle Rp.26,000,-

The fruit tartellete is Cella's dessert. The crust is crunchy also great and filled by vanilla fla it is great also the fruit also make the fruit tartellete fresh. I like this too. 

Fruit Tartellete Rp.28,000,-

In my opinion, dessert in Ninety Nine is great, but I think they have had unique dessert which is not available in any other store. Since I met some of rare dessert like brownies with ice cream, fruit tartellete, maybe they need make innovation of their dessert. 

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Ninety Nine Grand Indonesia
Grand Indonesia LG
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1 
Tel: (021) 2358 1199

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