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Mountain of Food Explorace 2 : Day One Challenge

It is our second day in Mountain of Food Explorace 2. Today is our day one challenge. Yesterday, we were split out to be group of 2. Me with Hannis. Before we had the challenge, we had breakfast in First World Cafe in 8th floor of First World Hotel. We would have 20 challenge in this two days Mountain of Food Explorace 2, but in our first day of challenge, only 14 challenge, we would have.

At 9am we started our first challenge, which is wait my partner Hannis in World Club Lounge with Wrangler T-Shirt and Jeans. I came earlier with Indonesian Food Blogger. While I waited Hannis, I enjoyed some food and drink in World Club Lounge. For the photography supplies, we've got Fujifilm Digital Camera. Here it is

Til clock shows 10am, we started second challenge. Our second challenge is to make energetic breakfast, so this is it, our energetic breakfast

After accomplish our second challenge, then we had to complete the third challenge. Our second challenge its found Winter Clothing Store next to one of Resort World Genting's famous moda. Then it is travel for all in Genting Skyway. So we met up with the station master to the next clue.

Our challenge fourth is find out the blank what jacket brands sponsor Travel for All. 

The fifth challenge, we had to took a picture in the store, and in the Genting Skyway with the sponsor jacket. 

After accomplish our fifth challenge, we had to Resort World Genting who have 6 unique counter. There is Coffee Terrace. In Coffee Terrace we had lunch. Its early lunch, since we had breakfast in 10am, and we already lunch at 11.30am. But since I am a foodies, so its only food could make me excited, so here's some coffee terrace photo. 

Coffee Terrace
Coffee Terrace is one of famous buffet outlet in Genting. They have 6 stall from Chinese, Japanese, Local Favorite, Nyonya, and Western Asia. Its a huge big buffet. Also they have outdoor and indoor, for the special occasion, they have private room too. 

For the food I ate in lunch. I took some sushi in Japanese stall, Its quite simple sushi, since I thought maybe they have fresh sashimi. But the sushi taste great for the buffet. They the Chinese, I shared my chicken with Anak Jajan, since we were still full. It is combination of steamed chicken and roasted chicken with sesame. It taste good, the chicken both steamed and roasted is cooked well also the sauce is great, but the chocolate sauce for dipping, its too strong for me. Then the dim sum, it is great dim sum, its not over cooked, I love it. Then the dessert, there are macaron, crust with almond on top and almond cake also the crust cup. The crust and almond cake is great, the sweet level is great. But the macaron, its failed. It cannot say it is the perfect macaron. 

What I ate in Coffee Terrace
For the price in Coffee Terrace.
[Buffet Lunch]
Monday to Friday:
Price: RM 55.00++ (Adult); RM 27.50++ (Child)
Saturday & Sunday:
Price: RM 58.00++ (Adult); RM 29.00++ (Child)

[Buffet Dinner]
Sunday to Thursday:
Price: RM 63.00++ (Adult); RM 31.50++ (Child)
Friday & Saturday:
Price: RM 66.00++ (Adult); RM 33.00++ (Child)

After finish our lunch, we continue our race to the next challenge, the seventh challenge is to draw the food that Oprah for one of group member and draw it, the other group of member, take it, take a picture and eat them. 

The eighth challenge, its find the Hainan Express. Its located in Theme Park, so its quite far from Coffee Terrace. 

The ninth challenge, its take a picture in the Theme Park Garden.

The tenth challenge, search clue in Theme Park Garden

Our eleventh challenge, its quite long list to do. We had to take a ride of the theme park. We had to take a picture of us riding the spinner, carousel, space shot, cork and screw, and etc. 

Finish the theme park, we had go back to First World Hotel waited the shuttle bus

Next, we were going to Chin Swee Temple. Then we went to had early dinner in Vegetarian Restaurant. 

 From the light above : Soup of The Day - Lamb Curry - Pompret with Teo Chew- Salted Fish in The Claypot - Loh Hon Cai with Yam - Stir Fried Vegetable - Broccoli with Mushroom
I am not big fan of vegetarian, but sometimes I eat vegetarian. The Soup of The Day, it looks like a herbal soup, and I don't really like it, The lamb curry in my opinion needs more spice even the lamb its look like real lamb. The Pompret with Teo Chew is same like the lamb curyy, it needs more spice. For the salted fish in the claypot, it is my favorite. I like it, the pork is slice nicely and the sauce is strong enough for my tongue, I just love it. For the Loh Hon Cai with Yam, the yam is crunchy also the meat, I love it so much, for the sauce its strong enough. For the vegetable, the strir fried vegetable is great also the broccoli and mushroom, it is Anak Jajan favourite vegetable. 

Then we back to First World Hotel and take a rest. Its tiring day, but we had super fun. Stay tune to my next post tomorrow. Also check out my first day in Genting, click here.

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