Friday, 24 August 2012

Indomie New Flavour: Mi Goreng Rendang

Indomie Mi Goreng Rendang
Indomie is Indonesian instant noodle, which is really famous, not only in Indonesia, but also around the world. Indomie has two variety soup or fried. Indomie also has big size called indomie jumbo and normal size. The jumbo size only available for indomie goreng. For the soup, they have many flavour ayam bawang, soto mie, baso sapi, kari ayam, ayam special, and etc. For the fried, they have indomie goreng, indomie  and the new comer is indomie goreng rendang. Even it is new comer, but some of people find it from the hypermart until the small stall in his town. In Medan, mie goreng rendang become so limited, so people hunt it everywhere. In Jakarta, I found mie goreng rendang so easily, I bought in Super Indo near my home.

I tried mie goreng rendang without extra egg or something, because I want to know the original taste of mie goreng rendang. In my opinon, rendang taste so strong even it is essence. Mie goreng rendang has unique flavour but it taste little bit weird. Because I am not big fans of rendang, so I prefer the indomie goreng. But if you are big fans of rendang, maybe you could like it.   

If you want to buy indomie goreng rendang, you could find it in hypermart, supermarket, or even minimart near your home. Let's try!

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