Sunday, 12 August 2012

Breakfasting Gathering in Marutama Ra-Men

Couple weeks ago, I was invited from Marutama Ra-Men to join the breakfasting gathering in Marutama Ra-Men with many fellow blogger. 

Marutam Ra-men is one of the best ramen in ramen industry. Even in ramen industry they don't really famous but among Japanesse people Marutama Ramen is famous of their authentic ramen. Marutama Ramen made since 2001 by Tetsuya Kudo in Ryogoku Tokyo. Now, Marutama have 5 outlet in Jakarta. Marutama Ra-Men is love sign from Tatsuya Kudo to his wife. That's why Marutama Ra-Men logo is basket ball, because Tatsuya Kudo's wife is basketball player former in Japan. 

The ambient in Marutama Ra-Men is great. Mainly they used wood color and dark color to make Marutama Ra-Men looks more exclusive. For the seat area, Marutama Ra-Men has three seat area. First is dining are, second is ramen bar, and the third is VIP room. 

The difference between Marutama Ra-men with the other ramen is the chicken stalk. The chicken stalk is cooked 5 hour in slow heat. So it will be rich and bold soup. In Marutama Ra-Men, they only served one style of soup, its called Toripaitan. For the noodle, they also have one size of noodle. But even they only have one style of soup and one size of noodle, it won't make you bored with Marutama Ra-Men.

For beverage, Marutama Ra-Men has limited option of drink, but still they served the most favorite drink which is ocha. So here's my drink, it is hot ocha. 

Then I've got appetiser, there are dashimaki, gyoza and tori karage. The size that served in this picture is only for the food gathering purpose, so the actual size is bigger than this. The Dashimaki, it looks like thousand layer omelette, it made layer by layer. So I ate them layer by layer too. I like the dashimaki, it is so yummy. Gyoza in Marutama Ra-Men, there are fried and grilled. In this time, they served us grilled gyoza. The gyoza also loveable. I like it too. Tori karage is deep fried chicken karage. The tori karage is crunchy and the chicken is smooth inside also melted. Love it. All the appetiser could dipped in soya sauce, so the flavor will be stronger. 

Dashimaki Rp.39,000,-
Gyoza Rp.30,000,-
Tori Karage Rp.28,000,-

Marutama Ra-Men is my favorite ramen for all. Even I never tried another one. This ramen served with 2 slice of chicken and half boiled egg, ausa and chives. The soup, you don't have to doubt, it is bold and creamy. I love the soup. The noodle is perfectly cooked, also I love the Marutama Ra-men noodle size. The ausa is great, it is one family with nori but ausa is the second layer of seaweed so it is more yummy. Also topped with half boiled egg, it is so great, even it looks mate, but when you cut it, the egg yolk still creamy, so it is so great to combine with the soup. I love it.

Karashi Ra-Men Rp.52,000,-

We continue with Nabe. Nabe is used the same soup with Marutama Ra-Men but combine with seafood, vegetable, etc. In this Nabe, it is combination between chicken and seafood set and vegetable set. So there are mushroom, tofu, chicken, chikua, carrot, radish and any other ingredients. The soup even is same like the ramen, but it is more light. It is because the vegetable that they cooked with the soup. To accompany nabe, you could eat with chives, slice chilli, and soy sauce. 

Nabe with Seafood and Chicken set Rp.140,000,-
Nabe with Vegetable set Rp.32,000,-

End of nabe, if you want to order zosui, you cannot eat all the nabe's soup. So, if you are planning to eat nabe, you have to left soup to cooked the zosui. Zosui is japanesse porridge, but it cooked with egg, nabe soup, and chives. It is so yummy and great. Even in my opinion, zosui should served before nabe, but it is great served in the end of nabe. 

Zosui Rp.18,000,-

For dessert, Marutama Ra-men has their dorayaki ice cream. It is dorayaki top with ice cream and red bean paste. The dorayaki ice cream is only for food gathering purpose. In the real case, the dorayaki is 2 pieces and the ice cream put in the middle of dorayaki. It is served with orange or apple. For the topping, you could choose between edamame, red bean or black pepper. 

For the dorayaki ice cream, in my opinion the dorayaki is little bit dry, but the ice cream is yummy, also accompany with fruit, so it will be fresh. 

Dorayaki Ice Cream Rp.28,000,-

For all, I am in love with Marutama Ra-Men. Since I love ramen too. So go visit them! 

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Marutama Ra-Men
Sentral Senayan 1 Building
Basement floor #10BC
Tel: 021-572 4050

Marutama Ra-Men
eX Plaza Indonesia
2nd floor #ex-20
Tel: 021-316 0705

Marutama Ra-Men
Puri Indah Mall
2nd floor
Tel: 021-582 3193

Marutama Ra-Men
Living World Alam Sutera
Ground Floor
Tel: 021-2923 9450

Marutama Ra-Men
COSI Pluit 
Jl Pluiy Raya No. 15A
Tel: 021-669 1166


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