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Pullman : Breakfasting with Chef Ayman Ahmed from Pullman Dubai

It is fasting month, who doesn't excited of fasting month. In the fasting month, some of Indonesian people have event for break fasting. Even I am not fasting, but I also respect with the moslim. So, 2 weeks ago, I invited by Pull Man to break fasting with some food blogger. In this special month, Pull Man has special menu which is Mediterian Food. It is because Pull Man exchange their chef with Chef Ayman Ahmed from Pullman Dubai Mall from Uni Emirates Arab. During the fasting month, Pullman has Ramadhan Delight Package start from July 19 - August 18, 2012.  

Here's the special menu during ramadhan in Pullman. 

It starts from an appetiser. This called Meze, it is Mediterranean appetiser. It looks like salad, we usually called it. The Mediterranean appetiser consists of yoghurt with cucumber, betrout mutabel, stuffing eggplant, eggplant musagah, hummus, cawliflower with tarator. 

From left to right: Yoghurt with cucumber - Betrout Mutabel - Stuffing Eggplant - Eggplant Musagah - Hummus - Cawliflower with Tarator

The yoghurt with cucumber is fresh. Its combination between yoghurt and cucumber. Betrout mutabel is combination between roasted bit with olive oil, and yoghurt also their special ingredient. Stuffing eggplant is roasted eggplant top with white sauce. Eggplant musagah is combination between eggplant, potato and zuchinni. Hummus is made from chickpeas combine with olive oil, lemon, and the other ingredients. Cauliflower is made from cauliflower, mix with cucumber, and cold yoghurt, also their secret ingredients. 

Shawirma Chicken

It is consist of pita bread, lamb, chicken, onion, paprika, and their special sauce. The pita bread its quite thick also the lamb slice and the chicken. But it is great shawirma chicken. 

Fish Sengari

Fish Sengari is dory with roasted with onion, paprika, olive oil, also salt, and pepper and cook in low heat cook so it needs 2 hour to cook Fish Sengari. It taste full of spice, but in my opinion this fish needs more salt and pepper. 

Lentil Soup - Chicken Top Kabi - Shikh Al Mahshi - Kabah bel Laban -  Kushari Pasta   Mixed Grill

Lentil Soup is made from onion, carrot, celery, which is mix until its soft. Chicken top kabi is chicken stuffed with raisin and other ingredient. Shikh Al Mahshi is made from potato, which is hole inside to put the lamb chop and topped with cheese, also stuff with special sauce. Kabel bel Laban is samosa with yoghurt soup. It is little bit bitter, but it is yummy. Kushari Pasta is mixed pasta ala middle is. The mixed grill, there are chicken and lamb. 


Mouhalabieh looks like 'bubur sum sum' in Indonesia traditional snack. It is topped with raisins and almond. In my opinion, it is really great, I love the texture also the rich of milk. Lovely.

Umi Ali

Um Ali looks like bread pudding, so we could called them Middle East bread pudding. It is made from bread, topped with cream layer by layer. It is my favorite beside Mouhalabieh. Also topped with raisins and almond. 

College Buffet Price:
- Lunch IDR 198,000++  
- Dinner: IDR 218,000++
- Non Alcohol Brunch: IDR 248,000++  
- Alcohol Brunch : IDR 418,000++ 
Tajil Buffet IDR 95,000++
Shisha (available at terrace) IDR 68,000++
All the price is not include 21% tax and service

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Pullman Jakarta Central Park
College All Day Dining
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28Jakarta 11470
Tel : 021 29200088



  1. Dear Inez,


    Thank you for writing a post of your recent experience at the Ramadhan Delight Promotion at Collage Restaurant.

    I am glad that you could come and it was nice meeting you.

    My favorites are indeed Mouhalabieh and Umi Ali because I also like the ones correspond to them: Bubur Sum Sum and Bread Pudding.

    Stay in touch and looking forward to having you again on our next food promotion introduction.

    With best regards,

    Rita Elisabeth

    1. Thank you so much Rita for the invitation :) I am glad to meet you. See ya next time



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