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Sukhothai : Aunthentic Thailand Cuisine in The Media Hotel Jakarta

Last week, I was invited with The Media Hotel to breakfasting tried their Thai resto named Sukhothai. Sukhothai is one of the best authentic Thailand Restaurant in Jakarta. Many of Thai resto in Jakarta served fusion Thai food, but not Sukhothai. Sukhothai is all you can eat Thailand resto. When I went to Sukhothai as an all you can eat Thailand resto is not too high. I doubtful with Thai food that they served, until I tried them I am super impress with them. I feel like my tongue connect with the Thai food. Maybe it is because Indonesian food and Thai food have many similarity, the spice they used also the ingredients they use.

Sukhothai named from some village in Thailand. The interior of Sukhothai makes me take to Thailand. It feels like eat in one of restaurant food in Thailand. Red is dominant color and some simple detail like the plate also the spoon and fork are come from Thailand. Also the statue is so traditional Thailand. A person behind the authentic Thai food in Sukhothai is Chef Sidik, He is Indonesian, but he went all over the world and fall in love with Thai food so here's the Sukhothai, which is establish since 15 years ago. Because Chef Sidik, so the Sukhothai is not present one of Thailand area, but they combine north Thailand food and south Thailand food, and of course adjust with Indonesia taste. So it feels like eat Indonesian food, even it is Thai food. 

When I came in Sukhothai I have to wait Rian to meat Mr Iqbal the manager of The Media Hotel who invited us. So after Rian came, so I was welcome with mas Iqbal and served kolak and kurma to breakfasting. Kolak that The Media Hotel usually purplish but when I came that the kolak is not too purplish but it taste great. Also they served me 3 kinds of dipping. There are sweet and sour, salty, and chilly. Also we served with hot sweet tea. Then while wait Julia and Sara, Rian and his wife mbak Mia already hungry, so we ordered some appetizer. 

For drink, we ordered Thai Ice Tea. The tea in Thai ice tea is originally come from Thailand, it looks like tea and milk, but the tea tastes unique. 

Hot sweet tea - Thai ice tea
Mas Iqbal picked us the food that we must try in Sukhothai. There are Pla Takrai is fried marinated fish with lemon grass adn fresh herbs, Yam Mamuang is spicy mango salad, and Gai Hor Baytoi is fried marinated chicken in pandanus leaf. Pla Takrai is crunchy inside and juicy inside also the fish is soft. Yam Mamuang is so fresh, they used young mango it is little bit spicy but it is great. You should combine this while you eat with  other food. Gai Hor Baytoi is so yummy, the taste of pandan is so strong. 

Pla Takrai - Yam Mamuang
Then we continue with the main dish. There are Pla Sam Rod is fried fish with three flavor sauce, Khao Pad Sapparot is fried rice with pineapple, Khao Pad Plakem is fried rice with salted fish. Tom Yum Thalay is Tom Yum soup, Kang Kiew Wan Gai is stewed chicken in green curry, Kapraw Gai is chicken minced with basil, Phad Kapraw Nuea is fried minched beef with chili and sweet basil, Phad Poh Taek is seafood with thai herb chili, Pad Kana Kratiam is fried baby kailan with garlic

Gai Hor Baytoi  - Pla Sam Rod
Pla Sam Rod is fried fish three flavor sauce. When I taste Pla Sam Rod, I taste four taste, there are sweet, sour, chili, and salty, but Chef Sidik said the salty is come from combination between sweet and sour, so it looks like four taste, but the truth is three. 

Khao Pad Sapparot - Khao Pad Plakem
Khao Pad Sapparot is so famous in thai food. Thailand is famous as fruit-producing countries, so they used the pineapple to be fried rice. It is fresh and sweet. It is because of the pineappple, also it consists of pineapple, raisin, prawn, and chicken. Khao Pad Sapparot is so aromatic it is because they used fish sauce, originally import from Thailand. Khao Pad Plakem, it looks like the other salted fish fried rice, but they used the same fish sauce like Khao Pad Sapparot so it is so good. It consists of salted fish, egg, and bean sprouts. 

Tom Yum Thalay - Kang Kiew Wan Gai
Tom Yum Thalay is Tom Yum soup. It consists of mushroom, and seafood. The soup is fresh, little bit spicy but it is so delicious. Kang Kiew Wan Gai is stewed chicken in green curry, it looks like opor ayam in Indonesia,  

Kapraw Gai - Phad Kapraw Nuea
Kapraw Gai is chicken minced with basil, I like it the spice is so soak to the chicken, but I prefer Phad Kapraw Nuea is fried minched beef with chili and sweet basil. The herbs is stronger than Kapraw Gai.

Phad Poh Taek - Pad Kana Kratiam
Phad Poh Taek is seafood with thai herb chili. Seafood that on Phad Poh Taek are chili, prawn, and squid. It cooks well. Pad Kana Kratiam is fried baby kailan with garlic. The also used the secret sauce so the Pad Kana Kratiam is aromatic.

Man Suam - Tam Tim Krob
For the dessert we've got the famous Man Suam and Tam Tim Krob. Man Suam is simmered cassava in syrup with coconut milk. In my opinion, the cassava is little bit dry, but it is ok. It combine with coconut milk, it is consendant coconut milk, and it taste savoury. and topped with sesame. Tam Tim Krob is crispy red water chesnut in coconut syrup. They used two kinds of sugar, there are brown sugar and white sugar. The water chesnut is crunchy inside. In my opinion, I like the Tam Tim Krob without brown sugar. 

In my opinion, all the food in Sukhothai is outstanding. If you like Thai food you should go here and try their food. The service also great. Gonna be right be. Don't forget every month, Sukhothai has special promotion, so be ready and surprise with their next promotion in September. All this yummy Thai food is only Rp. 175,000,- (per pax)

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