Monday, 2 July 2012

Maystar Central Park

After 4 years fighting to have SE degree behind my name. I finally got it At June 8, 2012. Finally I become Inez Fransisca Arifin SE. So happy to have them behind my name. So my family was celebrate my graduation. So we picked May Star.

May Star is one of my favorite dim sum place in Jakarta. They have many dim sum variant which some of them is unique also the taste is great. Then they also have chinese food. I usually eat their dim sum, but in this chance I ate their chinese food here. Some of people thought me that the chef in may star is from Hongkong, so it will bring the uniqueness of hongkong dim sum and chinese food here. 

Like usually, May Star always full in brunch, lunch or maybe dinner. In this chance I had lunch so it won't be weird if I still eat dim sum. For the appetizer here, they served me tofu and fried lotus. I like their fried lotus. It is so salty and in my opinion it looks like fried lotus with salted eggs. It is yummy also crispy. I could tasted their crunchiness. 

Pickle @ Rp.10,000,-

Then since I craving porridge so me and sister Irene, ordered fish porridge with additional one hundred years egg. It is great like usual. But the porridge texture is too soft. Its like they overcooked the porridge so I don't really like this porridge. 

Fish poridge Rp.40,000,-
One hundred years egg Rp.10,000,-

Then for the other dim sum, I ordered xiao long bao. It like pop dumpling. So if you eat this you have to eat in spoon and you crack the skin and drink the soup after that you could eat them. I like the xiao long pao. Since they usually put pork on it, so it tastier. 

Xiao long pao Rp.20,000,-

Then for the other dim sum, my sister ordered fried chong fan. It taste great coz they combine the soft chong fan with the crunchiness after they fried it. Also the chili sauce is great too. You have to combine with them when you eat that. 

Fried Chong Fan Rp.19,800,-

And the last dim sum we ordered was chicken feet. Chicken feet is so simple dish, but I don't know why until now. I cannot make them great, just failed and failed. So I decided never tried them again, so I only buy them in dim sum resto. I like the chicken feet here. The soup is great also the chicken skin tenderness just great.

Chicken Feet Rp.18,800,-

Then I also ordered chinesse food. Since I came in lunch so I need main course to fulfill my tummy. So we ordered garlic and egg fried rice. It is my dad's favorite. It could be easy to made at home. But still my dad would love to ordered this fried rice when he came here. 

Garlic and egg fried rice Rp.48,000,-

Also I ordered steam garlic scalop. It is so yummy. They put vermicelli on it also the sauce is really great. Then the scalop is big enough. I mean its worth it to try. You could ordered per piece. So you don't have to worry if only you want to eat that. You could ordered even only one piece. 

Steam Garlic Scalop Rp.22,000,-

Then my favorite food here. Shrimp mayo with tobikko. It is great, the mayonese is yummy also the fried shrimp is crunchy. You have to try when you come here. 

Shrimp mayo with tobikko Rp.117,000,-

For the other food we ordered sapo tofu taukan. It is unique dish we had. It consist of homemade tofu since no one as I know sell tofu with seaweed. Then they made like sapo tofu and added enoki. It taste great, my sister love this food too. 

Sapo Tofu Taukan Rp.58,000,-

Then the last one, we ordered chicken mince bean. It yummy vegetable. My mom and dad love this bean so much, coz they said the richness of chicken mince is make this bean special.

Chicken Mince Bean Rp.78,000,-

For all, I like May star not only the food they served but also the service they give to us. It really great. The waitress and waiter served us well responsive. 

For the price here, you have to pay 5% service and 10% tax.

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May Star
Central park Mall LG
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28
Tel : (021) - 56985422


  1. what a feast! I love chinese food. and congrats for the graduation! :))

    1. Thank you Irene. Ayo lo kapan pulanggg? hwhw



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