Friday, 29 June 2012

Pizza E Birra

Pizza Ebirra is one of ismaya group resto. So it means, pizza ebirra has great concept also the ambient is great too. Pizza ebirra interior dominant with wood color. And they have many old picture which is called pop art. They also have 2 area, smoking and non smoking. Since I am not smoking, so I seated in non smoking area. 

Pizza ebirra famous with their flavour beer, but since I don't want to have beer in this visit so I ordered non alcohol beverage. 

Once again I came here with Vina. Actually I came here because there is brightspot which is the hype event in Jakarta. 

For beverage Vina ordered Apple Juice. It is not fresh apple juice, but I tasted ok said Vina.

Apple Juice Rp.18,000,-
Then for me I ordered ice lemon tea. The glass is bigger than vina's, but the ice lemon tea, just not special. It just like the other resto ice lemon tea.

South Ice Lemon Tea Rp.20,000,-
Then for food, we agreed to ordered appetizer. So in this chance we ordered ricotta mushroom. I knew ricotta mushroom from Lovebi blog, she said it was yummy. So we are decided to try them. Then from the presentation is looks tempting, but when I tried them. It is not yummy at all. What I could taste from them is only the tomato sauce, which I cannot taste any salt and pepper on it. And the mushroom too, I cannot taste anything too. So for me this appetizer really failed. 

Ricotta Mushroom Rp.39,000,-
Then for pizza. Actually we are curious what I have to ordered, but finally me and Vina agreed to tried their calzone pizza carbonara dream. I never tried calzone before. Coz it looks unique so we tried them. When they came in our table. We were little bit curious what the egg for. Since it looks like boiled egg without any seasoning, but we ate that egg to. Then after slice the calzone. It looks tempting, but when I tasted them, once again it was no taste at all. There are many cheese on calzone, but I don't know I don't taste any salty. It was not delicious at all. What I can do for eat this unyummy pizza is put tomato sauce and chili sauce. It helps me alot. 

Calzone Pizza Carbonara Dream Rp.59,000,-
For all, in my opinion, Pizza ebirra concept is great but not for the food. So you have to increased your food. And for service I am ok with that, they served me well and quite responsive. Also they have tax 10% and service charge 5%.

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Pizza Ebirra
Gandaria City Ground Floor, Mainstreet


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