Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pizza Marzano

Pizza Marzano is one of the best pizza place in Jakarta, couple weeks ago I got a chance to catch them. So long time this place queue in my food revolution. So I was so excited to visit them. Also my friend Vina Sagita, told me that Pizza Marzano has a special discount until 50% for food beverages, but you have to spend at least Rp.200,000 before tax and service. So I little bit force my self and Vina to ordered a little bit more.

So here it is, for beverage, me and vina ordered general ice tea which is ice lemon tea. 

Ice Lemon Tea Rp.20,000,-

Even the name is Pizza Marzano, but in this visit, me and Vina agreed not to ordered pizza. Since we were really hungry so we decided to ordered one portion for one people. So we ordered pasta. Pizza Marzano has many variant pasta, also they have speciality pasta. 

Vina ordered the special pasta, penne picante which is look like hugely big. But It made her tummy really full, also she really like what she ordered. Penne Picante consist of Pepperoni, hot spiced beef, red onions, green peppers, crushed chili, mozzarella, mushrooms, b├ęchamel and tomato sauce, grana padano, water crest. It is really rich and the mozarella cheese on top is really yummy. 

Penne Picante Rp.65,000,-

Then I ordered fusili polo al genovese. It looks plain but it tasted great. I like pesto also the simplicity of my dish. The pesto is dominant in this fusili, also this fusili isn't added any cheese. So if like pesto you could try this, but if you like pesto with cheese you could add with parmesan cheese or tried the penne picante which is a lot of cheese on that. 

Fusili Polo Al Genovese Rp.60,000,-

For dessert we tried panna cotta. Our expectation of panna cotta is sweet and rich, but I don't find it here. I only taste the richness of heavy cream then I lost the sweetness. So it make me really nausea. Also the texture of the panna cotaa is failed. Since the panna cotta used gelatin, it will be shake easily but it was not. But the sauce is fresh enough and the presentation is good. 

Panna Cotta De Al Fruitti De Bosque Rp.35,000,-

For the service, I like it, coz they are friendly and quick. But the serving time of our beverage is quite long, so we came there really thirsty but we have to wait little bit longer to fulfill our throat with beverage. 

For price, all the price is price list from their menu, so if you have BNI credit card, you will get 50% discount which means you could save more money to another post paid. 

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Pizza Marzano Location

* Citywalk Sudirman. - (021) 2555 6696
* Grand Indonesia. - (021) 2358 0150
* Kemang Raya. - (021) 719 5351
* Senayan City. - (021) 7278 1065
* Pondok Indah Mall 2. - (021) 7592 0990
* Supermal Karawaci. - (021) 5421 3623
* Mall Kelapa Gading 3. - (021) 45853645


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