Sunday, 3 June 2012

Nannys Pavillion Gandaria City

Nanny's Pavilion is cute and sweet eat place in Jakarta. The first Nanny's Pavillion outlet is located in Bandung, then Nanny's Pavillion opened their outlet in Jakarta which is located in City Walk Sudirman. Now, Nannys' has 4 outlet first in City Walk, then Central Park, Gandaria City and the new one is in Living World. Every Nanny's Pavillion outlet has different theme. Like in Gandari City the outlet theme is sewing room, so they display, fabric, sewing machine and etc. It so cute and unique.


For food and beverage in Nanny's Pavillion, they served home made cooked like pasta, pancake, waffle, sandwich, etc. In my opinion every food in Nannys Pavillion is yummy. For this visit I ordered Nanny's Cocktail Mango. This beverage could be share for 4 people, so if you are eat in Nanny's with you friends, better you try this Nanny's Cocktail Mango.

Nanny's Cocktail Mango Rp.49,000,-
Then for food we ordered, crazy chocolate waffle, black crunchy caramel pancake, kimberly green fetttucine, banana pancake, dad's favorite fries, leals farfalla, and beef baked rice. 

Crazy Chocolate Waffle Rp.29,000,-
For the crazy chocolate waffle the chocolate is rich and the waffle so bold, if you are chocolate madness maybe this menu fits for you. 

Black Crunchy Caramel Rp.29,000,-
Then the black crunchy caramel pancake, it is my favorite waffle it is great combination between caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream also topping with cookie crumbs. It so yummy. 

Kimberly Green Fettucine Rp.42,000,-
Then the kimberly green fettucine, maybe it is looks so green but it is yummy too. The pasta is great also the topping which is sausage. 

Banana Pancake Rp.24,000,-
Then banana pancake, it looks so plain, but the combination between banana, vanilla ice cream and pancake are great too.

Dad's Favourite Fries Rp.29,000,-
The dad's favorite fries is great too, the fried fries is combine with melting cheese, it is so yummy.

Leals Farfalle Pasta Rp.45,000,-
Then my leals farfalle pasta is new menu here. The pasta is looks like ribbon and they served with cream sauce but for me the sauce is little bit sour but it is great.

Baked Rice Rp.39,000,-
Then the baked rice, it is rice which is baked with meat and cheese. It is delicious too.

For all the Nanny's Pavillion not only cute and unique place but also they have yummy food. Also for the service, they are really quick to served us also the price is affordable for student. 

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Nanny's Pavillion Gandaria City
Mall Gandaria City
Mainstreet UG
Jakarta Selatan
(021) 29053228/ 29053229


  1. pastanya nanny's emang lumayan enak, tapi kalo pancake masih lebih suka di pancious... lebih enak...

    1. @Melissa: kalo gw sih suka semuanya, baik pancious maupun nanny's tapi seringan ke nanny's sih drpd ke pancious



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