Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sushi Kiosk

Sushi kiosk is secondline of sushi tei. Sometime I called sushi kiosk is sister of sushi tei. The menu is exactly same like sushi tei, but the place of sushi kiosk is smaller than sushi tei. Also actually you have to self service in sushi kiosk, coz they put the food in the rack then you could put in your basket and pay in cashier. So there is no waiting time to eat your food. But nowadays, sushi kiosk also served udon, ramen, also kids meal and lunch box. So, if sushi tei is quite far from your home and you are lazy to catch sushi tei, so sushi kiosk will be the right place to eat sushi.

They have limited seat, but since the concept is grab and go. They package the food so if you want to enjoy eating sushi while watching tv or watching cinema, it could be great. But if you want to stay awhile and enjoy sushi in sushi kiosk, is good too.
Since I said sushi kiosk has exactly same menu like sushi tei, so you could find your favorite menu here. My favorite for snack is salmon skin fried. It is so crunchy and yummy. Oya even this food is put in the rack but they make it still hot, like fresh from the kitchen, so you don't have to worry your food here is cold. 

Salmon Skin Fried Rp.27,000,-

Then they have new menu. actually this is new menu in sushi tei and I ever tried this. This is crispy cheese roll. It is so yummy and cheesy enought for me. The ingredient is same like crispy roll but they change the unagi with cheese. So it will be great for cheese lover. 

Crispy Cheese Roll Rp.17,500,-

Then this is volcano roll. It looks really yummy, coz cheese and the other ingredients on top very tempting. It is consist of kani but in this chance, I feel like the kani is not really done well, coz it still raw. Also the rice is not really great. 

Volcano Roll Rp.37,000,-

Then this is jumbo dragon roll, this is my all time favorite. It is like really complete version sushi for me. Jumbo dragon roll consist of unagi, shirmp, tobiko, cucumber, avocado, etc also the special sauce is really make this sushi really great.
Jumbo Dragon Roll Rp.65,000,-

Then for dessert, I really gan of matcha, so I am really happy that sushi kiosk has matcha ice cream, also the price is affordable for me. But the taste is so-so and the sweet level is less than I expect.

Matcha Ice Cream Rp.13,000,-

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If you are interest to come to sushi kiosk, Groupon Disdus has special promotion for sushi kiosk, for further info you could open here

Sushi Kiosk
Sushi Kiosk Puri Indah Mall
Puri Indah Mall GF # 38
Jl. Puri Agung
Puri Indah – Jakarta 11610
Phone / Fax: (021) 582 2505

Sushi Kiosk Mall Ciputra
Mal Ciputra UG # 30A
Grogol – Jakarta 11470
Phone / Fax: (021) 562 2505

Sushi Kiosk Carrefour Lebak Bulus
Carrefour Lebak Bulus GF # 5
Jl. Lebak Bulus Raya No. 8
Jakarta 12310
Phone / Fax: (021) 750 3321


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