Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Goods Cafe

As an rainbow cake hunter, my mission to visit The Goods Cafe was too taste their rainbow cake. But unfortunately my mission was failed and change to be had lunch there. The Goods Cafe served western food like pasta, burger, etc. Their signature dish here is coffee rub burger, but since this visit to hunted rainbow cake was failed I lose my appetite. So I ordered pasta here.

They served many kind of pasta like but in this visited I ordered spaghetti meat ball and as drink I ordered kahlua shake alcoholic. For the pasta for me it is so-so not really special and the sauce is not too great. The meatball, I think the spice is not soak inside the meat. But this meal was 180 degrees opposite with my kahlua shakes alcoholic. I don't know so far their alcoholic milkshake is the best I ever met. But since the baileys shakes alcoholic was not served so me and Bella ordered the kahlua shakes alcoholic. The alcohol is only 30 cc. It is small amount than the total shakes. But this shakes, made my face red.

Spaghetti Meat Ball Rp.55,000,-

Kahlua Shakes Alcoholic Rp.50,000,-

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The Goods Cafe
The Goods Department
Plaza Indonesia Extension L4 # 14
Jl. M.H Thamrin Kav 28-30, Jakarta 10350. Telp : (021) 2992 3628

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