Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Jakarta is full of yummy treat, especially many new bubble tea in Jakarta. It start hype, when cha time come to Jakarta, and they bring a true bubble tea. So everybody love them. Then many bubble tea attack Jakarta. One of them is Addictea. Since they are really newbie in bubble tea industry, they bring unique way to taste bubble tea. 

They have many bubble tea variant, they have milk tea, yakult, fresh milk, fresh tea, fruit tea. So in this chance I tried their japanese matcha milk green tea. But the only have one size of their cup, so you can ask more for your bubble tea. Then one of my all time favorite is matcha. So I very excited. 

In my opinion, the japanesse matcha milk green tea is great. I love the honey boba. so chewy but not hard to bite. Then the matcha is great too. I love this. Also I am curious to try their yakult, looks so fresh right? I will post next time. 

The price is quite affordable for me. But one thing that I think they should have is chair and table. I know they have limited place but please have some of place to enjoy awhile. So maybe I can enjoy my time a little bit more in Addictea.

Japanese matcha milk green tea Rp.19,000,- + Honey boba Rp.3,000,- = Rp.22,000,-

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Plaza Indonesia Level 5 Unit E02-1 Jakarta
Phone : 08788 5595 589

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