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Ah Mei by Banquet Singapore

Ah Mei Cafe founded by Mr Alan Lee in Singapore. Ah Mei Cafe is franchise by Banquet Singapore, Banquet is not only franchise Ah Mei but also Bagus, Banquet and Banquet Singapore. In Jakarta Ah Mei have many outlet in Puri Indah Mall, Oakwood, and Pejaten Village. Ah Mei in Puri Indah Mall have 2 area, one indoor and the other outdoor. For this visit, I seated in indoor area, so it will be free smoker. 

Ah Mei is famous as malaysian and singapore food which is certified with Halal Food, so for muslim you don't have to worry to eat here. Also they served singapore and malaysia signature drink which is teh tarik, but if you want to try their milo, hot tea, or the other its great too.

For this visit, I order hot tea for drink, but I also ordered teh tarik the signature drink of Ah Mei cafe. For the hot tea, the tea is really strong also the temperature is great not too hot, so you could drink while served in your table. 

Hot Tea Rp.10,000,-

For the tea tarik I bought in combo. It is set C, if you order that combo you will get 2 pieces kaya toast and one teh tarik, also you could choose cold or hot tea tarik. For the tea tarik, I love it so much, the tea flavour is so bold but beside that the sweet level is great, so it is the best combination. 

For the kaya toast, it is so great kaya toast, coz they put the butter between the bread. Also they used special bread and cut one slice of bread and make one slice become two slice of bread. Then they put they kaya on, so you will taste the combination between salty of butter and sweet of kaya, so unique taste.

Set C : 2 pieces of kaya toast and teh tarik Rp.82,500,-
They have many kinds of roti prata, egg prata, cheese prata, chicken prata, also they available for sweet prata. We ordered roti prata plain, roti prata with egg and chocolate chip prata. 

Plain Roti Prata Rp. 19,500,- 
For the plain roti prata is tasty even it is no additional ingredients on it, but you could dip with the curry. It is really light curry, but it consists many spice. For the prata, it is crunchy but chewy too. For the curry I love it, the curry consistency just great and it is little bit spicy and the spice is really strong.

Roti Prata with Egg Rp.19,500,-
For the egg prata, it is same prata with plain. The different is only the egg additional in the prata, so it will more tastier, but I don't really the combination between egg and prata, but my mom like it. For the curry it is same like the plain prata.

Chocolate Chp Prata Rp. 22,500,-
For the sweet prata, it is my sister Irene favorite. They put the chocolate chip on prata then they topped with chocolate sauce. It so yummy, also great when you eat it is still hot. Coz when it is not hot, it will be hard to bite. So, I love the chocolate chip prata while I ate here, if I take away, I don't really like it.

Beside prata, they also have many main course choices, like laksa, nasi lemak, wanton mee, etc. But the wanton mee is so tempting, so I ordered wanton me. 

Wanton Mee Rp. 27,500,-
The noodle is consists of noodle, fried dumpling, and topped with chicken char siu, fried red onion and vegetable. Also they served with soup. I really like if the resto home made the noodle and they make the noodle really tiny like this one. The noodle is great, I love the chewyness of the noodle. Then the mixing the used oil and soy sauce, its great combination. For the topping I like the char siu, since I could eat pork I wish the char siu is pork, but its chicken it is yummy too. The fried dumpling is great too. I just love it. For the soup its taste good. 

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Ah Mei Cafe
Puri Indah Mall #LG
Phone : (021) - 5822729

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