Monday, 30 July 2012

Takoyaki Galore in Singapore

Takoyaki is famous snack in Singapore. Coz I met one of takoyaki stall in every food court I visited except Lucky Plaza one. The other like Food Village, Food Opera and Food Republic, they have takoyaki stall. So I tried many of takoyaki in Singapore. Here's the summary. 

1. Tsukiji Gindaco Takoyaki 

Gindaco is located in ION Orchard Road in the same level with Food Opera. After I ate in Food Opera, I bought takoyaki in Gindaco. Gindaco has many kinds of takoyaki like teriyaki, original, and spicy. For the fillings, they have octopus, kani,  In this visit I bought their teriyaki gindaco takoyaki. The takoyaki texture is soft and juicy inside but the outside takoyaki texture is crunchy. Alo teriyaki takiyaki is topped with teriyaki sauce, so it taste incredible yummy. I really love this takoyaki. You have to tried this when you visited Ion Orchard Road. 

Takoyaki Octopus Filling Teriyaki $SGD 3,60 (4pieces)

Gindaco Takoyaki
2 Orchard Turn, #B4-64/65 ION Orchard, Singapore 
Tel:+65 6509 9038

2. Takopochi 

Takopochi is located in Ngeann City Takasimaya. Takopochi has many filling, there are octupus, kani, etc. In this visit, I ordered the octopus. I bought 5 pieces of takoyaki. The takoyaki topped with brown sauce, mayonese and dried bonito. The takoyaki from takopochi is dried inside also outside. The outside is not really crunchy. The sauce they put on top don't make the takoyaki juicy, the takoyaki still dry with or with out the sauce. So, it is not the best takoyaki I ever ate in Singapore. 

Takoyaki Octopus Filling $SGD 2,50 (5 pieces)

Oedo Food Service P/L

3. Wow Tako

Wow Tako is takoyaki, which located in 313 Orchard Road. I came in Wow Tako in late evening, so they gave me the special price. I bought the kani takoyaki. They served with mayonese, brown sauce and dried bonito. Actually they have many filling. In my opinion wow tako is not really special, since the takoyaki is dries inside and outside. I don't really into this takoyaki. Maybe because its late evening I visited them, so the takoyaki quality is not too great. 

Takoyaki Kani Filling $SGD 3,00 (5 pieces)

Wow Tako
313 Orchard Road #B4

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