Friday, 13 July 2012

Ninotchka New Place New Food

Ninotchka is cafe who run by famous fashion blogger Sonia Eryka and her brother Roy DC. Ninotchka have been move to new place since June 2012. I ever visited the old Ninotchka, you could check by click here. The new place is more fresh, more space also they have more table to accomodate the visitor. Also the new Ninotchka has many new things, many new cake, new ice cream flavour, new flavour of macaron, etc. Like usual, Ninotchka have many magazine many games, so you could take it in the box and after you read the magazine and you play the games, you have to back it by yourself. 

In this visit, I visited by Irene my little sister and we decided to try try ice tea. So I ordered ice lemon tea and my sister ordered sweet ice tea. The ice lemon tea is taste great, the tea flavour is strong, the lemon is fresh by served in the tea also the sweet level is good.

For the sweet ice tea, I love it too, it is like the general sweet ice tea, the sweet level is great. Just love it.

Ice Lemon Tea Rp.12,000,-
Sweet Ice Tea Rp.7,000,-

The for food we ordered many food. Since we are really starving so we ordered 4 food. We ordered pasta, main course and appetiser. 

Then the appetiser, my sister ordered cheese fries. and for main course I ordered the chicken cordon blue. For the cheese fries, it looks like so-so but the taste is great. I like their cheese sauce. The cheese sauce is salty but also sour, just great love it. Also the cheese fries is top by seasoning powder and mayonnaise. The combination between seasoning powder, mayonnaise, cheese sauce is great. 

The chicken cordon blue is taste so-so. Since it nothing special, the chicken cordon blue just like the other chicken cordon blue. Chicken cordon blue consists of chicken breast, with smoked beef and melted cheese on it. Then you fried with bread flour. When I cut the chicken cordon blue the bread flour is off the chicken, it means the bread flour is not gluing with the chicken. For the smoked beef and melted cheese on the chicken, they successful to make it great. The chicken cordon blue top with seasoning powder, mayonnaise, and cheese sauce. Once again, I love their 3 yummy combination. I love it. For the side dish the served with general fried fries. I know they don't make the fried fries homemade, so it taste so-so.

Cheese Fries Rp.16,000,-
Chicken Cordon Blue Rp.25,000,-
For pasta we ordered fettuccine carbonara and lasagna. For the fettuccine, in my opinion the fettuccine is too salty, but the fettuccine cook is great. Also the meat is quite a lot. But for me the portion is too small. Maybe because the price is cheap, so the quantity is same like the price. 

Then for the lasagna, I like the lasagna, once again the portion is too small for me, the meat is great the white sauce is great, but what I love is the lasagna topping they put the cheese sauce. The cheese sauce is really great combine with meat, and the cheese. So damn yummy. But for the lasagna, for me it is not really special, since my last visit I just love the lasagna cooked is al dente, but in this visit I don't taste the lasagna is al dente.
Fettucine Carbonara Rp.17,000,-
Lasagna Rp.20,000,-

For the cake, Ninotchka has 4 cakes. The famous rainbow cake, red velvet cake, ombre cake, cheese cake and chocolate cake. But this time I tried their ombre cake and rainbow cake for dine in. For take away I tried their cheese cake. 

For the ombre cake, the cake consists of 4 layer of cake and top with colourful butter cream. For the cake is taste so-so not special at all, then for their butter cream is too much butter on it, so I am nausea. The cake taste is strawberry and for the sweet level is good, not too sweet.

For the rainbow cake, my last visit in Ninotchka, the rainbow cake is taste so-so but now the improve it, the cake is tastier I love it coz they put more vanilla, so it taste great, then for the butter cream they make it great, just love it the new rainbow cake. 

Ombre Cake Rp.25,000,-
Rainbow Cake  Rp.25,000,-

Then for dessert we ordered matcha ice cream. It is homemade ice cream made in Ninotchka, The presentation looks convincing, but not the taste and the texture. In the ice cream still have ice crystal, so it taste really rough, beside that the sweet level for me is too sweet. But beside that the matcha flavour is really strong, They just need to improve to make great matcha ice cream. In the bottom of ice cream presentation, they put oreo on it, in my opinion is matching, but not for my sister, she said, chocolate and matcha is not matching. 

Matcha Ice Cream Double Rp.20,000,-

For take away, I ordered their cheese cake, chocolate macaron and grape macaron. For the cheese cake, the structure is light, the crust is too thin and it taste little bit salty, but if you eat from the top til the bottom of the cake is taste good. But for me this cheese cake is need to improve. Then the macaroon, even it is not the perfect macaroon but in my opinion the chocolate macaron is great and delicious. The chocolate macaron filled by butter cream and chocolate ganache, I love their chocolate ganache. For grape macaroon is taste so-so and they filled by chocolate ganache and butter cream.

Cheese cake Rp.25,000,-
Macaron @ Rp.6,000,-
For all my opinion, this place is great even many food needs improvement, the ambient, service, and price is really great for student like junior high school student or senior high school student. So maybe next time I visit them, they have make new change also improvement. 

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Citra Garden 6 
Open : 14.00pm - 22.00pm and 14.00pm - 23.00 every Friday and Saturday
Closed : every Tuesday
Tel : 0816-1105-316


  1. i'm looking forward to visit this place because of their famous ombre cake

    anyway, nice posting :)

    1. But the ombre cake is not too special, I love their rainbow cake hwhwh. Thank you for visiting my blog

  2. wow.. nice review.. we will visit this place soon.. :) di kota kita

    1. Ya you should go there, you have to try the rainbow cake and the macaron

  3. i heard that there's a boutique inside the cafe, is that true?

    1. Hmm there is not a literally boutique inside the cafe only a small corner in the cafe to show the Sonia Eryka stuff



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