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Food Court in Singapore

In Singapore, people usually eat in Food Court, so am I when I visited Singapore, mostly I ate in Food Court. In this post I want to tell you what Food Court that Singapore have, which has really yummy food.  

Food Opera

Food Opera is Food Court in Ion Orchard. Food Opera is managed by Food Republic, so the furniture and the interior of Food Opera is really nice. Beside Food Opera has great ambient, Food Opera also have delicious food. There are malaysian food, dim sum, fruit, chicken wings, rojak, hainam rice, etc. You could check out them if you are interest. 

In this visited, I ordered many kinds of food. Start from dim sum, rojak, popiah and chicken wings.

Vegetable Hakau

For the dim sum, it doesn't have any stall in Food Opera, but you could find a person who go surround you offer dim sum with hot stove cart. So my mom took some dim sum to us. But I'm sorry for not mention the price, coz the lady who offer it didn't give us the bill.

For the vegetable hakau, in my opinion it tasted weird, the hakau skin is not great, it is little bit hard to bit. For the filling it is not too far from hakau. For the hakau, same like the vegetable hakau, is not really good. the skin is soft but little bit raw and the filling is not special. So I think their dim sum needs improvement. 

For the rojak, popiah and chicken wings, I bought in the same stall, name Goodluck BBQ. They served rojak, popiah, and chicken wings. Beside in Food Opera, Goodluck BBQ also available in Food Republic in Vivo City. 

Rojak $SGD 4,00

For the rojak, it looks same like rujak in Indonesia, but the different is they put cakwe on it. Looks unique. For the fruit it looks same like rujak in Indonesia, there are cucumber, pinapple, and etc. It is so yummy. The peanut sauce also good. I love the rojak Singapore.

Popiah $SGD 2,50

This food called popiah. Its available too in Indonesia, called popiah. But in Goodluck BBQ served 2 kinds of popiah and kue pie tee. The ingredients is same but the different is only the kue pie tee skin. For the popiah, it uses spring roll skin and it is not fried. For the kue pie tee, it used crunchy crunch which is fried. Popiah consists of lettuce, their special sauce, yam, and carrot. The popiah is yummy, also juicy. I really like it so much, you have to try this if you visited Food Opera.

Chicken Wings $SGD @ 1,60

For the chicken wings, Goodluck BBQ has special chicken wings, since they roasted the chicken wings and roasted in traditional ways use charcoal. So the spice is really soak into the chicken wings, also the chicken skin become so crunchy but the chicken meat is really soft. I really love this chicken wings. I wish they opened the stall in Jakarta. 

Food Opera @ ION Orchard
#B4-03/04 Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 6509 9118
Operating Hours:

10am to 10pm (Daily)

Food Republic

Food republic is one of famous food court in Singapore. They have really nice ambient, interior, etc so it makes your dining experience different with the other food court. Food Republic has many branch in Singapore, in Wisma Atria, 313, and etc. But in this visit, I visited Food Republic in Vivo City. 

Food republic always have many yummy food stall. So first I was curious what should I have to eat. After many times go arround check out the food. I found something interesting in Food Republic. 

Firstly, I found kue putu. In Indonesia, kue putu is boiled in the bamboo holes, so it shapes tube. In Singapore the kue putu is made like traditional cake in Indonesia called kue ku. Kue putu is made from rice flour so in Singapore, the kue putu is same like in Indonesia.  So it is so unique kue putu shape in Singapore. Then the filling, in singapore they have two filling of kue putu. First is brown sugar mixed with coconut grater and the others is mixed between peanut and brown sugar. My mom bought two of their fillings. 

For the granted coconut and brown sugar it looks same like Indonesian's kue putu. The filling is same, the different is the kue putu skin. I felt its more smooth, so it is easier to eat. For the sweet level, in my opinion they have to added more brown sugar on it. So it taste sweeter

Kue Putu $SGD 5,00 (10 pieces)

For the peanut and brown sugar it is so unique, coz it taste like mochi. But the skin is from rice flour. I like the peanut and brown sugar filling better than the granted coconut and brown sugar. The kue putu skin is smooth, so it is easier to eat. 

Farmosa Bun 8 pieces $SGD 8,00

For the savoury snack, I choose farmosa bun. It looks like xiao long bao. Maybe it is xiao long bao, coz when I ate this there is soup on the bun. I like it so much. The skin is soft also the filling is mix meat. I like it too.

Food Republic @ Vivo City
1 Harbour Front Walk
Singapore 098585
Tel : +65 6276 0521
Fax: +65 6276 0519

Lucky Food Center

Lucky Plaza is famous place among Indonesian people, as I am an Indonesian people and I lived behind the lucky plaza so many times I visited lucky plaza. In my breakfast time, I usually came to lucky plaza. There is tiny food court named Lucky Food Center. Its located in the back side of Lucky Plaza. They served many breakfast food like noodle, vegetarian food, teh tarik and hainam chicken. 

In my visit in Singapore, I came third times to lucky food center, so this is summary what I ate in Lucky Food Center. 

Lor Mie $SGD 3,50

Lor Mie, its look like lo mie and mie kangkung in Indonesia. Maybe its mix of two noodle style. The noodle is regular size, soup with chocolate sauce, its combination between stalk and thickened. They also put the vegetable like bean sprouts and chives. Also they put the dumpling on my noodle and vinegar. So in my opinion the noodle is great, its chewy but the soup its bad, coz I don't really like bitter, since they put the vinegar so the noodle mainly taste bitter. For the dumpling I love it, its great and yummy. 

Charsiew Roasted Meat Rice $SGD 3,5

The charsiew roasted meat rice consists of charsiu, roasted pork and the side dish is cucumber. Top with their brown sauce. Also they served the sambal. I like it the roasted pork is great, its taste yummy and the roasted pork its crunchy I like it, and combine with their brown sauce so it make the charsiew roasted meat rice more spice and yummy. I like the charsiew coz I like the pork. 

Teh Tarik $SGD 1,90 (Hot Teh Tarik and Ice Teh Tarik)

For drink, in Lucky Plaza Food Center, there is beverage stall served teh tarik, tea, coffee, and mineral water. They sold very cheap beverage. Like the tea tarik, I'm forgot how much the single teh tarik, coz I usually buy combine with my sister and my sister always buy ice teh tarik. The teh tarik is great the tea is strong and the milk, they put much milk on one glass of tea tarik. I just love the teh tarik. It must drink item if you visited Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza Food Center
#B1 Lucky Plaza

Food Village

Food Village is the other famous food court in Singapore. Its located in Nge Ann City the old building in Orchard Road. Like the other food court, Food Village located in basement. Even located in basement, Food Village never less customer. So like my visit in Food Village in lunch time. I have to find the available seat quite long also for waited my food, I have wait my food quite long time. 

In Food Village, they have several food, like nasi padang, pepper lunch, and roasted delight, etc. In this visit I ate in roasted delight and I bought some snack like tayaki and macaroon. 

Rice with Roasted Meat and Charsiu $SGD 5,50

From the roasted delight, they served roasted pork. So I ordered Rice with roasted meat and charsiu and its combine with vegetable and rice. Also top with brown sauce. I like the roasted meat its crunchy, I like it so much and the roasted meat, its so yummy coz its consists of many spice. For the brown sauce, I like it so much, its great. 

Macaron $SGD 9,99 (10 pieces)

The Macaron, I got it from Rive Gauche, small bakery in Food Village. Its consists of 10 macaron. But even though the macaron is cheap in their price range, but in my opinion the macaron is not really special. Since the macaron is cracking when I ate it, so I think its not really special. 

Tayaki $SGD 1,40

For the other snack, I bought tayaki. It looks like dorayaki and the ingredients to make it is same like dorayaki. The different its only the shape. The tayaki is cutest than dorayaki. I bought in Mr obanyaki stall in Food Village. They have many flavor to fill the tayaki and dorayaki, there are red been, cheese, and chocolate. For the dorayaki they have pandan dorayaki. In my opinion the tayaki is not really yummy. The tayaki is not to soft also they make the tayaki over cookes so little bit hard to bite. 

Food Village
Ngeann City Takasimaya
391 Orchard Road Tower A

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  1. mestinya coba makanan pinggirannya nez.. di killiney banyak yang jual makanan murah sm enak.. hahaha... dari sommerset 313 belok kanan lewatin taman.. murah sm enak2!!! :p

    1. Iyahhh, mestinya sih gitu, tapi gw ga sempet kesana hehe



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