Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Harvest : Patissier and Chocolatier

The Harvest is patissier and chocolate place. The Harvest established in 2004, they became the first specialised European style pastry shop in Indonesia. Now they have many outlet in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya. They many kinds of cake and pastries, chocolaties and pralines, ice cream, also bread, etc. The Harvest have style hotel in every single part of The Harvest start from the packaging, the presentation, the cake style, etc. 

But for this visit, I am really curious with their macaron. Macaroon is hype snack in Jakarta, so I am excited what it taste macaron in The Harvest. They have kinds of macaron, you could buy per piece or you could buy in the nice packaging, but since I don't need their cute packaging so I bought the per piece macaron. 

They have 6 flavor of macaroon. Start from blue macaron, raspberry macaron, pistachio macaron, banana macaron, chocolate macaron, strawberry macaroon. I bought 6 of them and I tried one by one. In my opinion their macaron is crunchy like cracker biscuit, so it is not the perfect macaron ever. Since I browse in Macaron Master they said the best macaron has 4 criteria: 
1. Shell surface is smooth
2. Shell has thin crunch-less crush
3. Shell perfectly align with each other
4. Filling reaches right to the edge of the shells
So in my opinion this macaroon not fulfill the perfect macaron criteria, so The Harvest has to improve their macaron.

But for the price it is not too pricey macaron. Since I know the macaron price in Jakarta is start from Rp. 6,000 - Rp. 15,000.  

The Harvest Macaroon @ Rp.9,000,-

Beside macaron, in this visit I tried their famous red velvet cake. It is really great red velvet presentation. I just love it how they presented. For the topping they used caked crumble, half piece strawberry, and chocolate biscuit. This red velvet cake is consists of 4 layer of cake. For the cake structure is bold and the moist level is really moist, since the cake is dampy but it taste yummy. Their red velvet style is different with the others. If you want to check out the other red velvet you could check in the other post here. Red velvet cake in The Harvest, in my opinion maybe they soak the cake or spray it before they stack the cake with cream cheese frosting. Also for the sweet level, its great enough. The cream cheese frosting is great too. I love this cake
Red Velvet Cake Rp.25,000,-

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The Harvest 
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