Sunday, 15 April 2012

Breakfast Lunch Dinner (BLD) Px Pavillion

BLD is new cool place in PX Pavillion. Since my home so near with Puri, so me with Vina and Tya tried this new good place. Before I came to BLD, I searched first their menu, and I found something interesting with their menu. If you possibly could eat pork, here the place that serve so many kinds of pork with new style which is western style. 

For the first visit in BLD. I really love their ambient, it is comfy and it feels like they are succeed to take me to the other part of the world like in Australia or somewhere. Then they split 2 area which are smoking and non smoking area. Since I thought their non smoking area doesn't have a great view so we seated in smoking area without no one smoking surrounding us. Then they have dim light so it makes us relax also it was inviting many mosquito around us, it is little bit annoying.

Since they are spoiler their menu in their facebook, I am so curious with their crisp basil pork. So here I am ordered the crisp basil pork and Vina ordered pan grilled johndorry. Then for the beverage me and Vina ordered ice tea and Tya ordered ice lemon tea. For my food, I really love the spice in my crisp basil pork but the pork is little bit hard to bite, then I tasted Vina's food, for me the fish little bit sour but the texture it is so lovely so crunchy outside but not too juicy inside. Then the beverages, it is ok with my ice tea, but for Tya beverage's I think the ice lemon tea is not like ice lemon tea, it taste like ice tea, coz I couldn't taste their lemon juice on it

For all I love BLD so much, maybe next time I could try their pasta also their breakfast menu. It is so interesting

Crispy Basil Pork Rp.63,000,-

Pan Grilled Johndorry Rp.68,000,-

Ice Tea Rp.18,000,- and Ice Lemon Tea Rp.23,000,-

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Breakfast Lunch Dinner (BLD)
PX Pavillion at St, Moritz
Tel: (021) 583 58582!/BLDJakarta


  1. eh kok foto lu bisa terang gini sih nez, punya gw gelap parah hahaha

    1. @Vina: nggak tau deh, mungkin hoki camera gw bisa nangkep cahaya hahahah

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