Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dominos Carefour Puri Indah

Dominos, who doesn't know Dominos. Dominos famous because their delivery concept pizza. But if you likely to eat pizza not delivery or eat in their place, it is great too. They have a comfy place to hang out with eat pizza, but it is too simple for being pizza resto.

Cheese Mania Hand Toast 14" Rp.98,000,-

American Classic Burger Thin Crust Pizza 75,000

Since my mom favourite place to shop our daily needs in Carefour Puri Indah, my mom always stop by Dominos Pizza. They always have a special promo like last week I visited them, they give us 50% discount for my second purchase pizza which is thin crust pizza. Beside that this is not my first time visited Dominos Pizza so I have my favourite pizza here. My favourite pizza is thin crust cheese mania, but in this visit I tried American Classic Cheese Burger and my little sister Irene favourite pizza is hand toast cheese mania. We love their cheese mania, but since if I ordered cheese mania it means is only different toast but same flavour. 

For my pizza I love the uniqueness of American classic pizza with mustard on it and onion. I really like it, then about the cheese mania, I like the cheese coz it feels like cheesier. Also my sister loves Dominos Pizza, because if you save your pizza is not eaten, you could store in refrigerator. Next day if you want to eat you pizza you could reheat in oven and the pizza is still the same like from the oven. 

If you never try Dominos Pizza, I suggest you to eat them, it is delicious. Also use their promotion, they likely to give promotion, so use it wisely.

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Dominos Pizza
Carefour Puri Indah 
Tel: (021) 500 - 366 (DOM)

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