Sunday, 15 April 2012

Gelare Px Pavilion

Gelare is one of most wanted ice cream in Jakarta. Since they are really famous with their ice cream with waffle, so it makes me interesting to tried them.

For my first visit in Gelare, I am little bit confused with their menu, I thought their pancake price is include with ice cream, but the truth the price the shown is not include with the ice cream. So for this visit, I tried sundae with waffle. I am so in love with their waffle. It is so nice and crunchy but not to hard to bite. Vina's ice cream only single scoop ice cream. The shape of their scoop is unique, since I usually look an ice cream scoop is round or like a ball, but in Gelare they make their scoop flat in the top, so cute. Then something that I think they should serve free is a glass of water. After eat ice cream sometimes your throat feel like clean with water, so they didn't serve me that. But for all gelare is nice.

Sundae with waffle Rp.41,000,-

Single Scoop Rp.31,000,-

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Gelare PX Pavilion @ St. Moritz
Jl. Puri Indah Raya Lt. UG 03
Jakarta Barat
(021) - 58351110

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