Monday, 23 April 2012

Mie Koclok Mang Sam Cirebon

Mie Koclok Mang Sam is my favorite place to eat mie koclok. Mie Koclok is made by noodle and dressing with combination of chicken stalk, flour and coconut milk. Also they combine with egg, bean sprout and friend onion on top. Even it looks easy to make by ur self, but I do prefer eat in Mie Mangsam.

In Mie Koclok Mang Sam, the place is not comfort to eat in the place, but you still could eat there, coz the owner served many chair and table. But if you feel not comfortable, you could take away you Mie Koclok.

Mie Koclok Rp.9,000,-

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Mie Koclok Mangsam
Jl. Pekiringan No. 110



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