Friday, 20 April 2012

Kedai Gentong Ice Cream

Kedai Gentong Ice Cream isn't newbie in ice cream industry, but I just have a chance to eat Kedai Gentong Ice Cream in Living World. Before that my friends Bella ever told me about Kedai Gentong Ice Cream, she said it was delicious ice cream, and I had to try them. Finally that chance to try them is come. Since their name is ice cream gentong, they put the ice cream into gentong, even I check it the ice cream put in another plastic basket.

This is my first time tasted Kedai Gentong Ice Cream. From their logo, I know they want to bring back your old memories about cheap ice cream when you was wearing uniform and buy ice cream in outside your school. But for Kedai Ice Cream Gentong, they make it more hygine, more comfort place to eat also it is not hard to get. In living world outlet, I wish they have some chairs and table to eat their ice cream. In fact they don't have it, so I suggest them to have chair and table, so people have a place to enjoy the kedai ice cream gentong.

Kedai Gentong Ice Cream also served so many flavour. In living world, their cream cookies and chocolate sold out, so I try green tea and coffee. In my opinion they served the ice cream very nice, the ice cream texture so smooth also the taste is not to sharp. I like it so much, it makes me nostalgila with my old school memories. 

Big Cup Rp.17,000,- *2 flavor 

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Kedai Gentong Ice Cream

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