Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rumah Makan Lesehan Alinda Cirebon

Rumah Makan Lesehan Alinda is my dad's favourite place in Cirebon. Everytime he goes to Cirebon, he always try to reach this place. Rumah Makan Lesehan Alinda is carp resto, so many cook style of gurame aka carp you can find it here. But my dad's have their gurame cook style favorite. They have lesehan also if you bring your grandma, better you eat in table and chair so they are easily to get up.

Gurame Bakar Kecap

First is gurame goreng bakar kecap Alinda. It is delicious, the soy sauce is soak inside, and it is crunchy but smooth inside. Also the carp is live and cooked after the order, so the fish is fresh. 

Gurame Goreng

Then fried carp is like generally like the fried carp you can find it everywhere, it is not much special

Gurame Tim Alinda

Generally this crap cook style is with green spicy, but if you don't like spicy you could ordered without the green spicy or you can seperate them

Tahu and Tempe Goreng Tepung
Like the other 'gorengan' they are generally looks the same, but the tofu is more delicious than in Jakarta also tempe is different too

Sup Kepala Gurame

Maybe, most of you wll curious where is the carp head, here the carp head. The carp head cook with soup, so after many dry food, this will make your throat smooth again.


This is the vegetable that I ordered. In west java restaurant, you could find karadok easily not like in Jakarta, so here it is. Karadok is mainly same with gado-gado the different is the vegetable is raw and the gado-gado vegetable is boiled first before they gathering with the peanut sauce.

Generally this place is full in every weekend, but since I visited them in weekdays, so only few people eat there. Also they cooked very slowly so be patient, and enjoy your experience eat here. Then the price is cheap, if you compare crap sweet sour (gurame asem manis) in Jakarta, you will be happy to eat here, coz their price.

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Rumah Makan Lesehan Alinda
Jl. Parawuan Sangkarnujo No. 138
Tel: (0232) 613028
Wisata Cipanas Sangkanurib

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