Thursday, 26 April 2012

Manisan Taci Kembar Cirebon

Manisan Taci Kembar is new things for me, because usually I buy mango as gift at Sinta in Pasar Kanoman. But my dad want to try something new, so we visited here. Before I entered the home as shop you will shown how the manisan mangga made. They dry the mango traditionally with solar. Also many people cut the mango, wash the mango. It is quite interesting, so you could see how they made the manisan.

Manisan Mangga Basah Rp.17,500,-
Manisan Mangga Kering Rp.17,500,-
Manisan Frambosan Rp.15,000,-

Manisan Taci Kembar served many kinds of manisan like mango, carrot and frambozen and etc. But since I came to mango city, so I bought couple kilos of manisan mangga. The shopkeeper at once the owner so kind to me, she gave me taster, so we could try as much as we want before we bought the manisanManisan Taci Kembar has 2 kinds of manisan mangga, which is dry and wet. Also the mango age has many level, the sour for pregnant women or sweet for who loves sweet. Manisan Taci Kembar also bundles every one kilos, a half kilos, a quarter kilos, also 1 ounce, so you could pick and bundles you wanna buy. They will bundles depends on your demands. 

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Manisan Taci Kembar Cirebon
Jl. Garuda No. 5
Gunungsari Dalam Cirebon
Tel: (0231) - 232462
Open from 7.30am - 5pm

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