Friday, 30 November 2012

Kwetiauw Akang

Couple weeks ago when there were long weekend, my mom and dad asked me to go to Kwetiauw Akang. I know Kwetiauw Akang from my friend and she said Kwetiauw Akang was the best Kwetiauw in town. The first time I tried Kwetiauw Akang I took away the kweatiauw and I don't like it. So when my mom and dad asked me, I under estimated Kwetiauw Akang. I thought I might not love it, but surprisingly I'm in love with Kwetiauw. Here's why I'm in love this Kwetiauw. 

Kwetiauw Akang is famous between food lover. They are not only served Kweatiuw but also noodle, fried and many more. Even though, they are only served simple dish, but it taste really amazing. I in love with their kwetiauw, noodle and etc. For beverage, they have many variants, but I ordered liang tea as my beverage, my dad and my mom ordered hot tea.


Kwetiauw Akang outlet is simple like the dish they served. They used light colour of wood for tables and chairs. Even though it looks simple and they are street food, but they managed their place neat and clean, so you won't hestitate to eat there.

Liang Tea Rp. 3,000,-

Liang Tea taste so-so same like another liang tea in street food or hawker food, nothing special of their beverage.

Otak-Otak Rp. 5,000,-

While I waiting my Kwetiauw, they served me Otak-Otak. I thought this Otak-Otak won't be good, but suprisingly this Otak-Otak taste good and it doesn't fishy at all. Even though this Otak-Otak quite nice but in my opinion, they put much flour on it, so it is little bit stretchy.

Fried Kwetiauw Rp. 31,000,-

Fried Kwetiauw is looks simple, but the ingredients they put on this dish complete. You could find any vegetable, pork, seafood and etc. I really in love with this white style of kweatiauw, and it taste so yummy and tasty. Especially the shrimp they use, it is big and fresh. I think, I should take my word to not in love with Kwetiauw Akang. Because I think I love it so much.

Kwetiauw Siram Rp. 31,500,-

Kwetiauw Siram comes with kwetiauw and they topped with some vegetable, pork, seafood. It is more especially moreover they put some egg on the sauce. In my opinion, I prefer Kwetiauw Siram served with plain kwetiauw and topped with sauce and topping. But in this dish, I think I don't mind with non fried kwetiauw. I love it, because it is so yummy.  

Tomato Noodle Rp. 31,500,-

Tomato Noodle looks like Javanese Noodle with some sauce on it. The noodle is chewy, they used yellow noodle and they served with brown sauce made from tomato and soy sauce. It taste more special because they served it with seafood and pork so it will be more rich flavour on it. If you cannot eat kwetiauw or you are prefer noodle than kwetiauw, don't worry because Tomato Noodle taste as great as their kwetiauw.

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Kwetiauw Akang 

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