Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hema : Dutch Resto

Between European Food, Hollandaise food has the least popularity than the others. Like Italian food, we easier to remember what is Italian food such as pizza, pasta, gelato and etc. Germany, we easier to remember they have great sausages. Swiss famous with their cheese. French famous with their escargot. But Hollandaise food, I only remember Pofferjes as dessert for appetizer or main course, I don't really have any idea. So couple weeks ago I went to Hema Dutch Resto, they have many more Hollandaise Food beside their famous Pofferjes. Here's what we had.

They have catchy exterior. With red signage of Hema Dutch Resto. Holland ornament start from exterior, it looks with mini tulip garden and big window, it feels like in Holland. Beside the cute exterior, they have cute interior too. They used many Holland ornament like their famous windmill, tulip and their Holland dress code. They have 2 area, smooking and non smooking. I seated in non smooking area, located in the back side of Hema Dutch Resto.

The dutch ornament not only looks from exterior and interior, but also in their menu. Their cover menu describe that Holland in past time. From that menu, we know they have many yummy Hollandaise food. They have many appetizer, main course and dessert. For people who doesn't into Hollandaise food, don't worry they served steak and pasta. 

Dutch Float Rp. 21,000,-

I ordered their signature drink. They have Dutch Float. It comes with Dutch cola and vanilla ice cream on top. Dutch cola taste great, with lower soda level than coca cola, it is great combination with vanilla ice cream. Morever in sunny day, it is so fresh.

Zuppa Soup Rp. 32,000,-

For appetizer, I ordered Zuppa Soup. I don't know it is Hollandaise food or not, but it taste great and so warm up my tummy. They made their soup well and the puff pastry is really crunchy and tasty. I really love this Zuppa Soup.

Stampot Met Worst Rp. 39,000,-
Stampot Met Worst is mashed potato and giant sausage with hollandaise sauce. It taste great. Mashed potato is creamy and mate. Giant sausage is also great. Hollandaise sauce comes really great, they use black pepper. So it is little bit spicy. In my opinion, the mashed potato is really dominant in this menu. It isn't compare with the giant sausage they said in menu. It thought they will give more sausage on the bottom but it is not. 

Hutspot Met Klapstuk Rp. 39,000,-
Hutspot Met Klapstuk is mashed potato and sherred beef meat with cream sauce. Mashed potato taste same like Stampot Met Worst. The different is on the topping and sauce they use. Same like Stampot Met Worst in my opinion. They put much mashed potato but they gave me less sherred. I thought it should be balance between mashed potato and the beef they use.

Fettucine Carbonara Rp. 45,000,-
Fettucine Carbonara looks nice and pretty. It taste same like it looks like. It is creamy and rich cream sauce on it. The fettucine cooks nicely and the smoked beef is great. Love it. 

Gindara Steak Rp. 45,000,-
Gindara steak comes little bit over cooked and dry. I thought it will be nice and juicy on the gindara. But it was not. The gindara is failed, but the salad is fresh. 

In my opinion if you kinda boring with common European food like I said before, might be Hema Dutch Resto is choices for you. The price is affordable for western food and the place is nice. But the serving time is quite long, especially for Gindara Steak. It comes the last food in my table and I am kinda disappointed with it.

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Hema Dutch Resto
TIS Square
Jl. MT Haryono Kav 8-9 
Jakarta Selatan
Tel : (021) 829 5548

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