Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Hallowen

Hallo fellow foodies. Happy Halloween. What do you do today? Go to Halloween party or cooking creepy cute food, or buy some creppy cute food? I choose to bought some creppy cute food. I found Kripsy Kreme have some halloween doughnut edition. 

Last week, I went to Kripsy Kreme and I found some halloween doughnut edition. Which is only available until October 31. They offer sprinkles halloween, spider web, pumpkin and skull. I bought it in half dozen. 


Half Dozen Halloween Doughnut Edition Rp. 27,000,-

Sprinkles halloween doughnut looks not really cute with premium dark chocolate with black and orange sprinkles. It taste same and another doughnut chocolate. The Cobweb is premium dark chocolate with banana filling. The pumpkin is chocolate orange with chocolate filling and The Skull looks cutest between the others. With skull shape, it has white chocolate on top and chocolate filling. All of them are yummy and cute moreover for Halloween Party really nice for the snack

So what do you have in Halloween?

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