Friday, 12 October 2012

A Hwa

Duta Mas is famous as food district in West Jakarta. From hawker food until restaurant  are available. From halal food til non-halal food could be an option to eat in Duta Mas. Couple of weeks ago, me and my family visited A Hwa who is my family favourite Chinesse restaurant. A Hwa served great Chinesse Food like fresh fish, vegetable, pork and etc. Even the ambient in A Hwa is not really comfortable but its paid with the delicious dish that they served. So maybe A Hwa as a proverb "Don't judge the books from the cover". 

Soup with Tofu and Fish Ball

Our appetiser in A Hwa is soup with tofu and fish ball. It is so great, the soup is from chicken stalk, combine with fish belly, tofu, fish ball, and carrot. It is my sister favorite food here. It is so warm you when you are sick or you just need something to comfort you. 

Cap Cay

Cap Cay is must be served in table in Chinesse restaurant. Cap Cay is mixed vegetable with some seafood additional. It is so great, the vegetables are fresh and it is so yummy. 

Ayam Semboi 

Ayam Semboi is fried chicken without flour stir with their special sauce. The sauce is combination between sweet and sour. It is my favourite dish. The fried chicken is so crunchy and the sauce is really good, you have to ordered this when you visited A Hwa. 

Steam Nile Tilapia 

Nile Tilapia Steam. It is so great, the Tilapia is fresh from aquarium then it mixed with soy sauce and mushroom. This steam fish is follow Hongkong style cooking, so it looks easy to make this, but if you use frozen fish it won't be delicious as fresh fish. 

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A Hwa Chinese Food
Jl. Tubagus Angke
Komp. Taman Duta Mas
Blok C IA No. 19-20
Tel : 021 567 6080/81

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