Monday, 22 October 2012

Bagel2Bagel : NY Style Bagel

Before I came to Bagel to Bagel I doubt their Bagel, I thought that the Bagel types is same like Kem Chick's Bagel which crust outside and soft inside. I don't like that Bagel types. It is hard to bite and it is tasteless. But after I step my foot to their small outlet in SCBD with my friend Vina, that doubt goes away. This Bagel types is 180 degrees different with Kem Chick's types. They have soft, chewy and tasty bagel. They served Bagel in fun way, they are not only offer plain Bagel with many choices but also Bagel with topping. 

The have small space in SCBD outlet. It is because they share the outlet with Imagerie, so if you are first time visit this outlet you will curious because it is kinda weird when there is cafe inside the photography equipment store. Generally, they want to stay away with the cafe because food and drink may ruin up the display. But not the Bagel Bagel in Imagerie. The comfy tables and chairs with light wood color. Big painting in one side of the wall matching with the green tables and chairs. In the other side, they have street view of SCBD street, I really love that spot.

They have many Bagel choices such as plain, cheese, onion, poppy seeds and etc. The famous sandwich Bagel they have Egg, Bacon and Cheese, Lox, Smoked Beef/ Smoked Ham and Cheese. and etc. Beside the savoury sandwich, they have sweet Bagel choices such as butter, cream cheese, nutella and organic blueberry jam.

My picked for my first Bagel is Egg, Bacon and Cheese. From the picture they share in twitter, I am mouth watering with their melted cheese, so I am so excited what it taste. For the Bagel choices I choose the whole wheat Bagel.

Egg, Bacon, and Cheese Rp. 45,000,-

It looks so tempting and yummy.Whole wheat bagel so yummy, chewy and taste good. The topping, they put perfect scramble egg, bacon and melted cheese. It is so yummy. I eat little by little so I divided became 4 parts so I could eat one buy one. It is not because I'm cheap it is because I cannot resist the super chewy and yummy Bagel.

Homemade Thai Ice Tea and Homemade Thai Ice Coffee Rp. 19,500

To accompany my Bagel I bought some drinks. I heard they have famous Thai Ice Tea and Thai Ice Coffee. I bought Thai Ice Tea and Vina bought Thai Ice Coffee. I love the Thai Ice Tea, it is bold tea flavour and they have exactly taste. I love it so much. 

If you never tried them, you have to. They baked the Bagel nicely, the taste is good, the texture is nice and everything looks perfect in Bagel Bagel. I cannot stop thinking to have Bagel again, because I want more and more Bagel. 

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Bagel Bagel
Fairgrounds Lot 14, SCBD, Jakarta 

Kemang Store 
Jl. Benda Raya 14D


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