Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mille Crepe in Pancious Pancake House

It is too early to back home after attended Job Fair in Gatot Subroto street, I asked my friend Bella to occupied me had culinary trip. It was unplanned culinary trip. The first place pop up in my mind was Plaza Indonesia, but I came there twice or third in that week, so I change my direction to Pacific Place. With taxi, on 10 am we reached Pacific Place. I am rarely come here, they have many new place to visit. So first I stepped my foot to Pancious. 

Pancious is not new place for hangout, their pancake and waffle are really famous, beside pancake they have many yummy main course. But in this visit, I didn't order that regular menu. I tried their mille crepe. Mille Crepe in Pancious is not famous as their pancake or waffle, but you must to try them, because Mille Crepe is one of most wanted cake beside Rainbow Cake or Red Velvet.

Pancious has comfort and ambitious atmosphere. It looks from red color which is dominant in every single detail here. From the wall until the menu, they use red color. As I know red color will kick your taste buds. They have comfy long sofa, it makes this casual dining is not only for enjoy you yummy food here, but also to make you feel relax like at home.

I ordered hot tea as my drink here. It still in the morning so I need something comfort and warm my tummy, so I ordered them. It is regular tea like in other cafe or restaurant, nothing special with the tea. But you could refill as much as you want.

Hot Tea Rp. 11,000,-

Mille Crepe has about 20 layers of crepe, it is depends. Stack with cream and it should be refrigerate before serving. In Pancious you will be curious what is the best Mille Crepe to have. It is because Mille Crepe is substitute of pancake or waffle. It indicate with triangle shape in the menu. In this visit, I tried Opera Mille Crepe with vanilla ice cream. It is so great combination moreover it served with ice cream. But in my opinion, the Mille Crepe is not too good. It served in room temperature, creme and crepes don't glue nicely. When I cut it, the mille crepe will be messy. Maybe it is better if they served Mille Crepe in low temperature. Mille Crepe itself taste so-so, the crepes are not creamy and the cream is not milky.

Opera Mille Crepe Rp. 36,500,-

In my opinion, Pancious has speciality in pancake and waffle, even Mille Crepe has same ingredients with them, but still the serving of Mille Crepe is special. To served Mille Crepe, they have to served in right temperature which is low temperature. So even they have many choice of Mille Crepe but Mille Crepe itself is not too special.

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Pacific Place Level 5
SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District)
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52- 53
Jakarta Pusat
Tel : (021) 5797 3360
More Pancious Outlet, you could check it here 

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